Emily A.

January 7th – January 14th (3 hours) – So far in my internship I have picked up where I left off last semester. I have continued to do data entry and organize case numbers into a computer system. The computer systems are called Ibeast, Ileads, and Camms. All these Police systems go through a database and they collect all the case numbers and keep them locked in for all law enforcement officers to access. I have found this experience very helpful and I know they will be an asset to me in the future in this career. I have grown from this because it have increased my abilities in computer systems. I feel more confident since last semester with these systems.

I have developed a personal skill of being attentive to detail. With the computer work I do I have been instructed to pay attention to the words at the bottoms of the evidence pages. This has shaped me in paying attention to detail on all the cases I am assigned too to put into the computer. My mentor has helped guide me in this direction by providing me the work and advice needed to complete my tasks. I have engaged in the data entries by working at a fast yet steady pace for accuracy. Although I can improve my skills by getting more efficient and setting higher goals for myself.

Having good computer skills will definitely benefit me in college and in my future career. Now a days with all the technology advancements it is very important to be familiar with programs. I think this is a great way in my internship to improve my skills further and constantly get better with time. Other things that will continue to contribute to the skill is being able to span items more efficiently and find keywords to hint at important things. In a law enforcement career you need to be confident in what you are stating and skills on scanning and observing more than what is in front of you is so very important.

I was discussing past experiences with a patrol officer that was my mentor during my ride along I did before semester one was over. We were talking about what words are used over dispatch. One word he told me that was constantly repeated was 10-8. And this was a call for any officer available for calls of service.

January 15th – January 28th (9 hours) –  Over the past two weeks I took away one memorable experience, and that was being able to follow through with my tasks given. My mentor wasn’t in the office last week when I went in and I had to follow directions from his head analyst, Mckaela. She has always helped me a lot in finding tasks to do and keeping me busy. I appreciate the things she allows me to do for the unit because I know they have a lot of their plates and being able to be an asset feels good. I did computer work and helped search for gang members on a system called COPLINK. I had to go through lists of names and see if in the computer they were still in the system flagged as a gang member. I was able to finish one big folder of these names and then moved onto another.

One vocabulary word I heard at my site was “purge”. In the context this was used I was going through multiple police computer systems looking if some files were destroyed or not. At first when I came across this word I didn’t quite know the exact meaning because I have previously heard it used in a different way.

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July 20th – August 13th (10.43 hours) – Over the past 2 weeks at my internship site, I have experienced what it’s like to show respect towards my superiors. I have been asked to handle tasks that required instructed teaching and personal knowledge, in order to complete. This made me more attentive towards detail and precision. I wanted to do those tasks right and in a timely manner, so I listened closely and took my tasks seriously. My tasks included handling fraud credit /gift cards that were confiscated from criminals, and I felt this was a very important task that my mentor and other superiors allowed me to handle. I can take this experience and apply it towards some things in my future I might encounter. As for showing respect towards my superiors, I can grow from this by acting as a more mature teenager and talk with every superior in a way I’d like to be talked to in the professional world.

During my time in the internship program, I hope to learn a lot that will benefit me in the near future of adulthood. I know Mrs. Wahl will definitely teach me in multiple ways how to handle certain professional situations in a positive way and overall make me a better respectable employee. I really hope Mrs. Wahl gives me insight on how to act in a professional atmosphere which includes; working with new people with different viewpoints on things and ways to be the best I can be at my job by following a few simple general rules. For instance, proper attitude towards things, posture, and appropriate business casual language. I look forward to learning things from my mentor as well, that play hand and hand with the career I want to purse, which is law enforcement. I want to be able to experience how things are properly handled in the field and ways to approach a criminal without seeming like a big threat towards them. I also want to learn the basics that are required to becoming an outstanding law enforcement officer.

From my time in this program, I have already figured out multiple things I think that define me as a professional. Being an overall balanced person juggling responsibilities and morals, I have been able to deliver hard work not only to my internship site but in school as well. As a professional, I tend to get things done that are needed as soon as possible and not procrastinate. I also like to have things in order and have things done to perfection. I guess I could call myself a very organized worker. On the other hand, as a student this internship program has taught me what true stress is like. I have always been the student to get her work done on time and not have any missing assignments. This program taught me that commitment is very important and backing out of a commitment is not the right way to do things. I know it is possible for me to handle and I will succeed and get all my hours done because a little more hard work always benefits me in the end!

August 14th – August 27th (11 hours) – One meaningful experience I have had so far in my internship is being able to work with different units of Special Investigations in the police department. So far I have been able to experience different tasks within units of investigations such as fraud, robbery, and gang. Filing paperwork and criminal profiles have really made my experience interesting and educational. I find being able to see everyday tasks detectives perform within their field of work will help me in my future career profoundly. Since I have been trusted to handle these specific tasks I feel a lot more confident in my abilities as far as following directions and being efficient. I’ve learned that being trusted with filing and organizing important document is crucial for perfection and no room for mistakes. I can grow from these experiences so far by working on improving my attention to detail, because in order to investigate crimes attention to detail is one very important tool I will need.

August 28th – September 10th (0 hours) – One meaningful experience I can say I’ve had in the internship program so far is the amount of responsibility that has to be put in to be successful. Always having to be on top of things and staying focused on my goals in this program is good for me. This experience gives me real life insight on what will be expected of me in a career profession. For example, the reflection logs are an experience that help me refresh on what I have learned and taken away from my internship.

I think I can grow from this by always pushing myself to reach perfection and reach my goals and go above and beyond to achieve them. The behavior at my internship I’d have to say is pretty laid back and lenient. A lot of the detectives around me joke with each other but when it comes to getting work done and discussing cases they are both professional and serious. I think I am expected to maintain a professional out look and attitude. I find this to work best for me because this is what I envision a responsible intern as. It is appropriate to engage in conversations with the detectives I think but keep the questions to a minimum in case if classified information isn’t suppose to be discussed.

This a natural fit for me I think. I am experienced with being around professionals, from being in multiple interviews and in my part time job I know what to say and what not to say. I think not being too comfortable is important because being too comfortable language might slip out that isn’t expected of. Although, I do still work on talking professionally with my peers at my internship site. I find being in a professional atmosphere even professionals slip up but that still doesn’t make it okay for me to mess up. Setting a very good image for myself and the internship program is crucial and I remember that every time I go to my site.

I have worked with the term called ” ILEADS”, this is a computer system system that keeps track of all criminal cases from robbery to murder. I have worked with this police system every time I have been at my site and I am pretty familiar with it. Warrant , has been used multiple times by my mentor and this means to get permission from the courts to be able to enter a criminal suspects home. Also jurisdiction has been said many times when I am looking at the crime reports, this means the area certain police departments have the right to police in and prosecute criminals.

September 11th – September 24th (17 hours) – I have experienced what it’s like to be independent and handle my tasks without supervision. Over the past weeks my mentor has been in trainings and he has trusted me to handle my tasks without his total supervision in the office. I think this is really important because this will help me grow as an individual in the professional work environment. Since I know what is expected of me I am able to meet those goals and be able to show how I can accomplish these goals independently. At first I felt kind of scared to be held at such high standards but after an hour I got confident in my abilities and performed like I normally would. These experiences will help me in the future because it gave me an idea of what a normal professional job will be like.

As I was going through a police database system I usually do computer work with I came across a word called “supplementary”. I wondered what that meant so I wrote it down and came back to it later on to see the meaning. When I looked it up the internet said it meant another word for an official police report. I thought it meant something a little more complicated but I was wrong. Now that I know its another word for police report I feel more informed on police vocabulary.

September 25th – October 8th (5.17 hours) – One meaningful experience I have had in my internship in the past 2 weeks has been getting to go in a helicopter ride. This experience was truly amazing and I am beyond grateful to have been able to say I have conquered this. At first I was super nervous and scared about flying but while I was living in the moment I felt so free and happy. The feeling of flying over Tucson at night and providing oversight to police officers on the ground while witnessing all the action that truly occurs around us was breathtaking. I can’t explain how the feeling honestly felt because there was so much to take in, for example I could hear the 911 dispatchers talking to other officers and the pilots beside me and then looking down on every action taking place. During this experience I was so cheerful and thankful because not a lot of people get the chance to fly in a helicopter in their lifetime. I will definitely grow from this experience in a more personal way by using this in my future as a lesson to not let any opportunities pass by me. Also, to try things that might scare me at first because it might end up helping people and provide a bigger impact onto others.

I usually always use in person communication at my internship site. My superiors and I never have the need to not communicate in person. It is so much easier to ask questions and have face to face conversation on topics of interest. This is appropriate because my mentor is almost always at the office so there isn’t an opportunity not to talk to him or ask for information and background on the tasks I am assigned too. I find being able to have in person communication builds a better relationship and bond with my mentor. This allows me to actually be comfortable at my internship site and not feel unwanted or in the way at the police station. There is a lot of caseload that I am assigned to daily and I find being able to communicate with my mentor on what I am specifically doing helps a lot in being efficient and accurate with the work I am performing.

I am really comfortable in choosing the appropriate method of communication with my mentor. When I have an important question about something having to do with hours or my sep project then I send a text to my mentor. He responds a lot faster when communication in sent over text messages. But when I have any question relating to certain issues on law enforcement I want to discuss and get my mentor opinions on, I like to wait until I see him. I like having in person communication because there is more details given and explained. This is appropriate I think because when I have questions I write them down and wait to ask when the time’s right and convenient.

When I recently went on my helicopter ride I kept hearing a police code being stated over the dispatcher radio. The number code being said was “ 23” and I suspected this to mean something having to do with a crime scene. When I got home I researched this and it means police officers had arrived at the scene of the crime. I also saw many other police scanner codes and came across multiple numbers that I had heard earlier and I found the meanings of those as well. I was a lot more informed when I read the definitions, especially with code 23 because we had been flying over crime scenes and officers arriving to the scene made total sense.

October 9th – October 22nd (9 hours) – So far at my internship site I have learned how to handle my time and tasks wisely. I have gathered that staying at my site for 3 hours I can accomplish a lot. Lately I have been assigned to the filing cabinet which contains gang members profiles. And inside each one of these files I have to evaluate whether or not the term “Gang Net” is printed onto and interview sheet. If the term is located on the paper then I have been asked to white out the term because the papers are no longer in that computer program which is shared with federal agencies. This has been meaningful because it has shown me to be attentive to detail and precision. I can take this experience and apply it to my future job duties because I will already have some experience with handling files and paying attention to detail.

I have seen “”CI”” record on many files I have dealt with. I had a guess that this had something to do with a detectives work. I looked up this term and found that it means confidential Information. This word makes sense to the context of the flies because not many people have clearance to the files I deal with.

October 23rd – November 5th (9 hours) – So far at my internship site I have been able to venture out of my normal areas of work. I have been working in my mentors cubical and areas around the filing cabinets. Although, the other day I got a tour around the ballistic units area and a part of the crime lab. During this experience I got informed on how the detectives secure each gun taken into evidence and how they process the guns. I got to witness detectives taking the evidence guns and firing them in the crime lab because then they take those bullet casings and hand them over to the analyst which puts them into a database for matching to be done, if needed. This overall experience was so fascinating and jaw dropping because I really got to experience what it’s like to collect evidence from evidence and use that to match similar crimes up. I can use this experience later in my life in my future job to further my qualifications.

On multiple occasions I had to interact with another coworker other than my mentor to ask for assistance regarding a task I was assigned to. Michael Lopez, is one of the skilled analysts in the gang unit and she gives my mentor many tasks for me to fulfill. My mentor has left me to work independently some days and I have had to do computer work. As I do my computer work I sometimes need Micheal to assist on passwords and getting the programs to work for me. I would walk over to her desk and ask for her help and she would be more than happy to help me.

Just the other day while I was viewing procedures with the ballistics unit I talked to the bullet casing analyst for social reasons. Erin is a big help to this unit and does all the really cool forensic detective part on the bullet casings. Erin and I were looking over different images of the casings and she was showing me what a 3D image would look like and how to compare the images. She was very outgoing and easy to talk to so I talked to her about where she started from and her interests. She had told me how she was really into the forensic sides of crime and how she started off in the crime lab before her position now with the unit. I felt very comfortable talking to her about this because I too have an interest in forensic science. We discussed how it would be a lot of fun to go over to the lab together and she could give me a tour of all the parts to it. I regularly don’t interact socially with the other co workers because everyone is so spread apart and very into their work duties so it was very nice making a personal connection with someone in the office.

A word I heard the other day at my site was the “gun primer”. I was curious on what exactly this term means. My intuition was telling me it had something to do with firing the bullet out of the gun. When I got home I researched this term and it means the compound explodes when struck by the firing pin and ignites the powder. This is fascinating because there’s so many different terms to gun parts that I didn’t even know about.

November 6th – November 19th (5.5 hours) – An experience I had over these past two weeks that was the most memorable is the ride along I went on. I went on a ride along with Officer Hyde and he usually does the midnight shift so I was able to experience this. It was not too bad for the first few hours than the others seemed to affect me more. We responded to multiple calls and I even got to see how it felt when the sirens need to be turned on. This was one of the most exciting calls of the whole night, there was a suspect waving a knife around by a convenient store and my adrenaline was pumping because I didn’t know what to expect. I think this experience definitely will help me grow because now I have insight into what it really feels like to patrol the streets and provide protect to people. I can also use this experience for future reference and look back on the things I learned while I was on this ride along.

From the start of my internship my mentor and I established a schedule that consisted of me coming in every Monday from 2 to 5 pm. This schedule was consistent throughout this whole semester and even another day was added on when hour checks were close when I was a few hours short. I would say I did very well in arriving to my site on time even with a few minutes to spare. I wanted to set a really good example of myself and show how I am very punctual and take this internship seriously. I think my mentor also noticed I was always on time and I stuck to the planned schedule throughout this whole semester. I was successful in achieving this because I gave myself time to get on the highway before the traffic rush and I made this a high priority to make it to my site a few minutes early.

This semester I think I was quite successful on handling all my responsibilities. School, Work, babysitting and most importantly my internship all played a roll on my busy schedule. I was able to plan ahead and make sure on the days I didn’t have my internship I could get my homework assignments out of the way. My grades were well maintained and I kept them where I wanted them to be. One of the struggles I did have at first was figuring out the days I work and the days I have my internship. That eventually worked out and I was able to set aside Mondays for my responsibilities at my site. I think this semester went well and I will continue to plan my days out ahead of time and keep on top of all my responsibilities.

One word I heard on my ride along was “battery” and this made me wonder what sense the officer was meant when using this term. On my ride along he used this term when it flashed on the police scanner screen and he had said something along the lines of battery and assault. I looked up this word and the definition means when a criminal offense involves the unlawful physical acting on a threat.