JoLee A.

January 7th – January 14th (12.1 hours) –  One meaningful experience that I had was, when they allowed me to retrain one of the patients while they were trying to find a thorn or splinter on the bottom of the dog’s foot in the pads. I felt excited during this experience because they allowed me to help restrain the dog while they were trying to find what was causing the swelling and I was able to get a front view experience of what they were trying to do to relieve pain for the dog. What I learned from this is that you won’t always be able to find what is causing a problem, because you may never find it but never give up on it for one day you will find the cause.

I had developed a technical skill at my internship, I developed this skill throughout the time I go to my internship site and I will learn something new each day I go in. My mentor provides me with much knowledge on certain cases on certain patients, for example we had a 6 year old German Shephard come in because she was losing a lot of weight, recently gone blind, and was also drinking an excessive amount of water which is a sign of diabetes. She has provided me much information on each case and even background information of the patients. For practice I engage as much as I can, but only if they allow me to because there will be times where they will tell me to observe instead. How I can continue to improve in this skill is by trying to engage as much as I can and learn more knowledge and even do some studying on the knowledge that my mentor provides me.

This skill will benefit me in college and in my career, because I will have the knowledge and the experience from my internship site. This will help benefit when I am in Vet school and we are learning about restraining or even a certain disease or medical term I will already know what they are and how to perform it. I will even use this skill to benefit others who may not know how to restrain or the knowledge of certain medical terms, I would like to expand my skill to others around me and not just keep it for myself.

I had learned of a medical term TVT on an Veterinary instagram post, I presented this picture to my mentor and she had explained to me that TVT is a transmissible venereal tumor and is a naturally occurring tumor that is sexually transmitted from one dog to another. This is mostly found in non castrated male and female dogs. This disease is mostly seen in either the genital area or on the face, the picture that me and my mentor looked at was a dog in mexico that had these tumors all over it’s body. The Vet there was able to remove the tumors successfully and the dog is recovering well. This has given me a better understanding on why Vet’s were keen on having owners castrate their pets for this disease is one of the many causes that can happen if you don’t castrate them.

January 15th – January 28th (25.01 hours) –  An experience that I had at my Internship was helping out with three dentals that were scheduled, this was meaningful because instead of having me be on the side observing they had me help out by filling out the sheet for how long the patient has been under anesthesia, getting warm towels and packs to keep the temperature of the patient at normal, and helping with cleaning the tools / setting up for the next patient. What I learned from this is that it gave more of a learning field of how a dental should be set and what you do before you begin the dental and the procedures that happens when you are performing the dental.

I had to bring in my little sisters dog to my internship because he had been scratching at his eye and yelping afterwards, swollen eye, keeping it closed and also red, and along with cloudy effect happening in the eye. My mentor told me that he had, corneal edema, and wanted me to bring him in immediately to get his eye treated before it gets worse. Corneal Edema is a corneal condition that occurs normal in older dogs, it is where fluid will build up behind the cornea creating a blue and cloudy affect to the eye making it painful and swollen for the dog.

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July 20th – August 13th (32.55 hours) – One meaningful experience that I have had in this Internship was being able to be a part of the team at the clinic that I am interning at. This to me is very meaningful because I was worried of standing off to the side and just observing which I have done in the past, but in this internship they have allowed me to have hands on experiences with restraining and taking vitals of the patients which not a lot of clinics allowed me to do. I have grown from this because they treat me like an employee and not just a student and that I am a part of the team group that they have together.

One thing I hope to gain from Mrs. Wahl is commitment, because to be in this program you have to have a lot of commitment in order to get the experience that you want, and to see up close if this is the career that you want to go into or not. The one from my mentor is the learning process of it, because being a vet isn’t just surgeries and finding the diagnosis it’s about the learning behind it and teaching the owners about what we know and how we address it the situation as a vet.

One thing I learned about myself professionally is that I am able to turn stuff in on time and work hard on trying to get what I need done, because I have always been good on what I turn in and always looking for a new solution if I missed something and try to make it up. And I work hard in what I do so that people can count on me to get it done. One thing about me as a student is that I am mature for my own age and I have been since I was younger, I have seen the way I interact with adults and compare it to teens and I see a difference in it because I look older than I am and that I’m more responsible for my age.

August 14th – August 27th (o hours) – One meaningful experience I had at my internship was how they are allowing me to have more of a hands on experience with the animals and helping out with procedures, which means a lot to me because places that I have volunteered and shadowed they always had me observing and never taking the chance of allowing me to try and show them what I can do, at my internship they want to see what I can do and see my understanding in this career field. How I felt about this experience was very happy because a lot of places wouldn’t have cared what I did or think I’m not capable of doing hands on, but at my internship they want to know what I did and what I can do which shows to me that they want to give me more of the experience and career.

August 28th – September 10th (0 hours) – The one meaningful experience that I had was helping out with a dental procedure, by checking the heart and respiratory rate, temperature, and the pulse of the dog that was getting the procedure. This made me feel happy, because most clinics would have wanted to have me watch and observe instead of having me help out, where as here they decided to have me help and gain more knowledge in what it is like to part take in surgeries and dental procedures. I have learned from this experience is that they want to give me more teaching that I can use and learn for when I am in Veterinary School and to practice at home with my own animals to gain more knowledge of it.

The appropriate behavior is not including your own thoughts and opinions in the exam room when the Veterinarian is talking to the owner concerning the patients health. It is best not to do this, because it is more for the Veterinarian to give the information and knowledge of what they have examined and concluded to the situation of the health of the patient. The owner would prefer to hear the information from the Veterinarian and not the Vet Tech or assistant because they are not in position to giving the final results or information of the patient with no certification that they are the Veterinarian when they really are not.

I have made some mistakes but not when the Veterinarian was in the room, I was told that I was not allowed to give any of my opinion or information that I know to the owner of a patient, I have made improvements to where I am observing in the room and when the owner turns and looks at me and asks me a question I simply replay saying, “I would ask Dr. Hoffman when she comes in, for I do not have the answer to this question.” Or Ari, Vet Tech Coordinator, and other Vet Tech’s would answer for me saying the same thing to the owner. I still hold these expectations even when my mentor or the other Veterinarian are in the room with me or the Vet Tech’s I remain silent and observe and listen to the conversation.

I came across the term “eating themselves,” or also known as autocannibalism, when I was in the surgery room with Dr. Hoffman and Chris, the Vet Tech, when she used the term “eating themselves.” Autocannibalism is where the animals will eat bits of their own bodies from either not having the cones on the animals after a certain surgery and the animal rips open their stitches and eats a part of them and causes an infection to form.

September 11th – September 24th (0 hours) – A meaningful experience that I had was feeling like a part of the team. This is meaningful to me because there are some Veterinary clinics that won’t have teens, who intern or shadow, feel like they are a part of their team and make them feel like they are a bother and just a burden and is mainly there as an announce to the other co-workers. At Mountain View, I was nervous because I didn’t know what the other co-workers were going to feel about me being there interning. But to my surprise they were all happy to see me and really appreciated my help around the clinic and were interested in why I want to be a Veterinarian and what kind of experiences I already have.

I was in an exam room with my mentor and examining a devon rex cat, and when my mentor was looking at the patients gum and I heard the term gingivitis. She was mentioning how she hasn’t seen at cat his age, 3 years old, get gingivitis that early. Gingivitis is a condition in which the gums around the teeth become inflamed (red, swollen, and painful) and it is due to the buildup of plaque on the teeth.

September 25th – October 8th (57 hours) – One meaningful experience that I had was when Ari, the vet tech coordinator, came into the surgery room where I was cleaning and was holding a small puppy and handed me a syringe and told me that she was going to have me give the injection to the puppy on the left side of his hip. This was a very exciting experience for me because I didn’t think that they would have me actually give an injection to an animal since I am only a student and not a vet tech or Veterinarian. What I learned from this experience is that they are giving more experiences and practices other than restraining the animal and handling them, they are having do tasks like I actually was a Vet Tech.

When I am at my internship site I communicate better with everyone in person and it is appropriate because I get to ask them questions and get to know the co-workers there and even let them know of up coming events that will fall on to my schedule and talk it out with them and hear what there response is. But when I am away from my internship I send my mentor a text message of when I will be coming in for my hours, because I don’t want to make a phone call to her when she is with a patient or in the middle of an emergency, so sending a text message is more appropriate so that it doesn’t become a distractions from her work.

When I am at my internship and I have a question but either my mentor or the other vet techs are busy talking to each other, I will usually wait till they have finished talking and I am able to ask my question to them and when I am away I will write out a text message for my mentor and before I send it I read it over and then send it and when ever I see her, we both address it again in person. Both methods for me works because it gets the questions I have answered and stay communicated with my mentor.

I learned the term rodent ulcer, when we were doing a procedure on a dog that had bleeding ulcers, rotting tissue and a dying tongue at my site. Rodent ulcer or Indolent ulcers is known as a allergy to something or of many things and the lack of fighting off an allergic reaction, the ulcer itself manifests as an erosion of the edge of the upper lip.

October 9th – October 22nd (0 hours) – A meaningful experience that I had at my Internship site was during a procedure for a pitbull that had ulcers on the top and bottom gums, bleeding all over, dead tissue, and a dead tongue, had to clean the dead tissue out of the mouth, flush and put a solution all of the inside of her mouth to help heal the ulcers and relieve the pain. During these type of procedures I am not allowed to touch any of the tools or have my hands near where the Doctor is working or on the surgery table. But for this procedure they had me hold the dogs head and pull back the lower and upper lips so that the Doctor can be able to see better and be able to get rid of the dead tissue. This was a meaningful because even though I am not a Vet Tech or a Veterinarian, they allowed me to fill like a Vet Tech and like I was an employee of their clinic and not just a student following everyone around and just observing. They make me fill more like a team member and giving more experiences every time I go into the clinic.

While shadowing the Techs had my restrain a dog while they checked it’s anal glands and proceeded to empty them. Anal glands is a tissue located inside the anal sac that aids in the marking of territory in animals, for defense, or for sexual behavior.

October 23rd – November 5th (0 hours) – One meaningful experience that I had was when I was tagging along with on of the Vet Tech’s, Chris, he took me back to where they run blood tests on the cats and dogs in the clinic to see if there was any sort of problem going on in there organs and bloodstream. Chris was showing me how to set up the machine so the blood can be run, one thing I remember was him saying that was that I would be doing it on my own when someone asked me to run blood work. This was meaningful experience because having someone on in this field show me and then tell me that they would have me run blood work on my own was something that I got me excited because everyday I go in for my shadowing I feel more like a part of the team than just a student.

I interacted with the co-workers every time I go in for shadowing. There are times where I am mostly with Chris or Ari or there are times where they have me go into an exam room with another co-worker. The communication that was used was that they would give me information and explain more on what the patient had before we would go into the room and when we weren’t seeing a patient the coworkers would ask me questions on what I plan on going into in the Veterinary field, where I wanted to go for college, etc. The communication that I use with the coworkers is good because I ask them questions and they answer the question that I ask about the patients and about the Veterinary field.

The time I interact with a coworker is when I am up in the pharmacy and I am sorting through medication or drawing up Vaccines is where the other coworkers like to make small conversations with me. I interact with them a lot when I go in for shadowing and I am helping them out with patients and other tasks that they have for me to do. I am very comfortable with the interactions I have with them because I can be myself around them and not be very shy or annoying when I have conversations with them.

When I was shadowing Ari had me wrap a surgical set and place it into the Autoclave. Autoclave is a device that uses steam to sterilize equipment and other objects from all bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores. It keeps the equipment clean and ready for the next patient so that they don’t contract what the last patient had.

November 6th – November 19th (0 hours) – A meaningful experience that I have had at my internship site was how when I enter the room with one of the Vet Techs and my mentor or Dr. Viv they have me come and restrain the patients so that the doctor can look them over before the patient gets there vaccines or if they are looking them over for another concern that the owner has noticed. This is meaningful to me because I feel like I am getting the learning experience that I wanted, instead of being told that I can only observe or that I am not certified to restrain or handle the patients. At my internship site they don’t care that I am not certified they still allow me to get a hands on experience that I wanted and the learning experience of what it takes to be a Veterinarian.

Establishing my schedule at the the beginning of the semester I did pretty well because I decided to get a head start on my internship site before swim started up, and I only went to my internship site on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from when I got out of school till they closed. I kept up with this schedule even over fall break when I wasn’t at school and even tried to find time to come in and get more hours and more learning experience.

I juggled them all successfully because I was able to get my homework done when I got back from my internship, and even over fall break I was able to go when they opened and I would leave around 2 so that I was able to get to swim practice on time. When second semester starts I will be able to go to my internship site more often since swim season is over and I won’t have to worry about whether or not I will have enough hours by the end of the semester.

Me and my mentor were in the exam room with a owner and a patient and they mentioned that they might have to do a euthanasia. A euthanasia is where the animal has a reached a limit in their life and instead of having the animal suffer more the owner makes the decision of putting them to sleep so that they are not in pain and suffering anymore.