Rebecca F.

January 7th – January 14th (4.42 hours) –  Over the last two weeks I have only gone to my internship site two times. One meaningful thing that has happened at my internship site was when I went on Friday I had to help out a lot around the classroom. It is a little more difficult this semester to help out with certain tasks in the classroom because of the student teacher that is in the classroom now. On Friday, I helped out with treasure box and I filed papers. On Wednesday, I also filed papers and helped out a little with students. Over the next few weeks I will help out more we just have to get back into the swing of things since we got back from winter break.

One soft skill I have obtained is to communicate more with other teachers. I developed this skill by talking to other teachers everyday that I would go into my internship site. My mentor just involved me in more of the conversations and the lesson plans so I could talk to the teachers about it. I can improve this skill by talking to teachers who are out of the first grade such as second grade teachers and other grade levels. A technical skill I developed was how to use the copy machine in the front office. I had to make copies of a practice test for sub plans and I had not made a copy with that machine before but I figured it out and now I can make copies if she ever needs me to.

I can benefit from the soft skills because I will need to socialize with people throughout all of my careers in the future. In college I will need to talk to my professors and ask them from help and the ability to talk to teachers in other grade levels helps me with this in the future. It will also help me when I start looking for jobs in the teaching field because I socialize with these teachers and I will be able to use that to my advantage. This skill also makes me more comfortable with the teachers at my internship site so that I will be able to contact them in the future when I need to get a job or if I need to shadow someone for college.

When I get to Esmond Station, my internship site, the teachers are planning the lesson plans for the week. One time when I was there the teachers were talking about the independent practice the students would have to do. They were showing each other templates of what each of them would be doing. Independent practice shows that each students knows what the lesson is and makes sure they understand it.

January 15th – January 28th (14.92 hours) –  Over the past two weeks a lot has happened. I have been able to help out a lot with the poster for Vail Pride Day. The student teacher, Janell, and I have been working a lot to make it perfect. We have talked through a lot together and it has honestly been fun because I get to get the kids involved too. Also, I went to my internship site one day and got to help my mentor with a formative. One of my smart goals this semester is to give a formative to be able to help her with the formative really puts me one step closer to achieving my goal. I got to read the passage to the kids while they listened for the answers to the questions. All of the kids sat very quietly and listened while I read. This was a really amazing experience for me.

This week while I was at my internship site I got to hear my mentor talk about the “Daily Learning Objective” to the students. She had them read along with her the objective for that day when they get to school. This allowed the students to be prepared for what they were going to do that day.

January 29th – February 11th (18.9 hours) –  Over the last two weeks I have gone into my internship site a lot. I have been working on a giant poster for Vail Pride Day with the student teacher in my class. We had to make it about the four seasons because that is what the kids are learning and we wanted to make it 3D somehow. I think the end result was very amazing and I am very proud. I also got to help with the grading of journals and it was an experience. I had to read difficult handwriting and decipher what the kids were trying to say in their journals. It was a lot fun and a really great thing to do. I also stayed late a few days and would go on half days and be able to see more of the kids schedule.

My first smart goal was to give a formative to the first graders. I got to go to Esmond Station, my internship sight, and I got to jump in the my mentor and give a formative. I took the day off of school and went to my internship site. I went in to just work on a poster for Vail Pride Day but every Friday my mentor gives the students a formative. That Friday, she decided to give me a chance to give the formative with her. It was my first time ever seeing a formative so she just told me what to do and handed me the test. I got to read to them because it was a reading test and they needed the teacher to help them read it. Then I helped read the questions out loud with my mentor. I did not give the entire formative by myself because it was a very last minute decision on mine a my mentors part so my mentor read questions and I read the passage. The first graders did a really amazing job listening to me while I was reading and they stopped and stared at me. I was not feeling good that week and I was losing my voice but I still read out loud and made my voice clear. When I came up to the answer to the question they needed to answer later on, I would make my voice a lot louder and make sure they heard what the answer should be. I was a little nervous while I was giving the formative because it was my first time and I did not know if I was going to mess up the reading. I still even get nervous when I have to sit down and read to the kids because they are all just staring at you and they know a lot more of the books than I do so I worry they will judge the way I read their books or the passages in the formative. My mentor, Mrs. Murphy, told me that I did a good job on giving the formative. When it was time to start the formative the students had to go get their privacy folders. She has one student assigned to hold the bucket with the privacy folders in them and then one person from each table goes up and grabs enough folders for the whole table. My mentor does this so that the students do not cheat off of each other. It might seem crazy that first graders would cheat off of each other but I have seen it so many times and they do not show what they actually know about the topics they are learning and it does not tell my mentor if she should keep going on with a topic or stop teaching and move on to the next topic. I really liked this experience because it has taught me that you should take your time with the students and read the problem and the questions multiple times so that they can get it and answer the questions to the best of their ability.

One industry specific vocab word that I have heard a lot of teachers use is direct instructions. This is when the teacher is showing the kids what to do for the objective before sending the kid out to do it on their own. My mentor does this a lot with math practice before the kids do it.

February 12th – February 25th (4.3 hours) – Over the last two week I have not been able to go to my internship site as much because both my school and my internship site have been having half days so when I get out of school my internship site is also getting out. When I do go though I have been able to help out with more test and with grading papers. My mentor has been having me help her grade the first graders papers and it has been an amazing experience. It is really hard to read little kid hand writing so it is good for me to get practice now. My mentor helps me out but she lets me know that if I cannot read something on the papers I should call the students over to have them help me figure out what they said. It has been a lot of fun and I am getting a little sad because I know the end of the year is slowly coming up. This internship program has been such an amazing experience for me to further push my future.

A vocab word I have hear my mentor use in her meetings is anticipatory set. This gets to kids ready to learn for the day and is just a way to let them know what they will be learning. I have not been able to witness this but my mentor talks about doing this with the other teachers.

February 26th – March 11th (14.8 hours) – Over the last two weeks I have been able to do a lot at my internship site. I got to go on an amazing field trip with the first grade. I will get more into it with my second narrative but it was just an amazing experience. I loved getting outside with the kids and being able to connect with them more and see the excitement on their face with everything new they learned. I got to also give my second formative this week. I got to take two kids into the pod and have them take a formative. With first graders it is very important to make sure you read the passage of the formative multiple times to get them to understand what you are reading. I also got to help out with my mentor in running the classroom. I got to help teach a lesson on graphing! I know it might not be exciting for some people but it was so amazing to get the kids exited for learning new things and they really enjoyed me teaching them.

My second narrative was honestly my favorite project to do. I got to go out with my teacher and the kids in my class and go on a field trip. I got to help plan the field trip with the teachers and make the list of all the kids in each group. I got to get all the emails from my mentor and the head director of the field trip program. I got to see how much work really goes into planning a field trip. My mentor and I had to really make sure that we had everything the day of the field trip. In the beginning of all of this planning my mentor was a little worried because she was the only class going that day. We ended up going to Sabino Canyon but the other two first grade classes went the day before us so we did have to go with just one class. While it would have been cool to go with multiple classes it was also a lot of fun to go with just our class. We had to take a lot of things into account though when planning the field trip. We have to take into account how much it is actually going to cost to have all of the kids go up somewhere for a school day and how much extra it is going to be for parents so if we have to charge the kids any money with their permission slips. Fortunately, the field trip did not cost any money so we did not have to ask any money. Before you can even start thinking of sending out permission slips you have to get the field trip approved by the principle and the district. When we got the okay from them we then had to call transportation to make sure they could come get us at the set time. When we call transportation through, we have to have every single detail set out for them. We have to have every exact timer when we need to be picked up, when we should arrive, when we leave the field trip to go to lunch if we are, and when we leave the lunch location to go back to school. Now we can send out permission slips to the parents. Before I did this project, I did not know that parent volunteers have to fill out an application packet and get an affidavit before they can even volunteer. When the parents are approved then we can go on and make the groups for the field trip. This was a little difficult because some of the boys in the class cannot be in the same group as each other because they just get way too hyper. When we figured out the groups we had to make sure there was an even amount of parents in each group and one group did not have a giant difference in parents. When we get closer to the field trip we have to call transportation and Sabino Canyon so we can make sure we are all set for the field trip. They day of the field trip was a little crazy. We had to make sure we had every parent that said they would be there. We also had to make sure every kid had lunch and if not then we had to go to the cafeteria to get them a lunch. Then we had to have every kid and parent go to the bathroom. And COUNT everyone over and over again so we did not forget anyone. The field trip was an amazing experience and it was a lot of fun. I cannot way to show pictures from it in my presentation but it was so much fun. All the kids had fun and it was nice to get out of the classroom with the kids and see them so excited to learn new things from new people.

Over the last few months of being at my internship I will hear a lot of vocab. One vocab word I heard was lesson plans. Honestly I have heard this before, everyone has, but I learned what it actually means for teachers. It is an extensive process for the teachers to get permission to teach a lesson.

March 12th – March 25th (0 hours) – Over the last two weeks I have not been able to go to my internship. We were both on spring break but I had my interview with my mentor. We had to meet up at a Starbucks for the interview and I was worried a little bit because we have not seen each other outside of school. It was hard for me to come up with questions to ask her but it went pretty smoothly. I asked her regular questions about her teaching job but then we got into more questions that would benefit me when I got to college to become a teacher. I did not know that if I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher I had to take a eight hour test in one room. It is like taking the ACT or SAT. Luckily, I do not want to be a kindergarten teacher but I still need to take a test. There is a big test for teachers to take when they want above kindergarten which is for first grade and up. I am nervous about taking this test but it should be fun. I also learned more about what goes on in my mentors mind when running the classroom.

State Standards is a vocab term I heard during my interview with my mentor. I learned that state standards it more than just a test for the class. It is a lot more. It is about the lesson the class is going to learn and what specifically the teacher can teach in that lesson. 

March 26th – April 8th (7.23 hours) –  Over the last two weeks I got to do kind of a lot with the first graders. I got to help teach them a math lesson with my mentor. It was a lot of fun because I got to do it with the whole class and I also got to take only a few kids and help with them. I was helping them with adding two digit numbers and for most of the first graders it was difficult for them to figure it out. My mentor stayed and helped the kids out that had a more difficult time but I got to go outside with a handful of the kids and I got to give them problems to solve. One of the kids that was in my group was so advanced that she could do three digit addition and so I gave her more difficult problems.

I have learned so many new things during this internship program. One major thing the internship has taught me was how to prepare for the real world. Honestly, before I went into the internship program I did not know how to do well during an interview or write a perfect resume. Now a whole school year later I have learned how to not be nervous during and interview and how to write a good resume. Another thing the internship program was that teaching is definitely the career field that I want to go into in the future. I do really want to be a first grade teacher and working with an amazing mentor who has been a teacher for 20 years now has been an amazing experience for me.

I have only a few recommendations to the juniors coming into the program for next year. I recommend that they should just have fun with the program. Yes, it is serious and you need to have you A game on the entire time but do not let that scare you. Also, make sure you get things done in time because if you do not turn things in and get strikes it will hurt you later on in the program. Another tip I would give to the juniors is to honestly try your best to stay professional. This is a real class so do not slack off, yes have fun, but make sure things get done. Make sure for every meeting that you have to dress up for, dress up. When you have everything caught up and you are not stressed about hours it makes a huge difference.
A vocab term I have heard is a lesson. This is something used by all teachers because they all need to talk about how to plan a lesson. I have even talked about other interns about planning a lesson.

April 9th – April 22nd (5.82 hours) – Over the last two weeks I got to go to my internship only three times. It was a lot of fun the three times I got to go but I wish I could have gone more. My mentor got the flu so I did not go when there was a substitute because I do not do anything when there is a substitute. I got to help out with the students a little bit more. I think that as the year comes to an end my mentor wants me to get more done. In the beginning of last week I got to help the students learn math. I do that every week because when I get there they are learning math. I sometimes have to go in the back and file papers but that is not every single time I go into my internship site.

I have not heard a lot vocabulary during the last few weeks at my internship site. One word I heard was boarder and honestly I know that everyone knows what this word is but it could mean a lot. For a teacher a boarder is the crazy fun design around the white boards or tack boards.

July 20th – August 13th (36.73 hours) – During the internship program I have had to face a few challenges at my internship. Sometimes I have to watch the class so Mrs. Murphy, my mentor, can step out of the room for a minute and sometimes the kids do not take me seriously so I have to speak up louder so they can hear me and they look up to me like an adult not just a friend. I got to read to the students on August 6th and that was very exciting because when I was reading I really got to put my feet in the shoes of a teacher and I can tell I really want to be a teacher. I was never late any of the days but when I get there the teachers are usually ending their planning period so we go and get the kids from the specific specials they are in for that day. This experience has been so amazing because I never really knew exactly what teachers do and how they work until I started to shadow a teacher and realized all of the things that they have to do. Such as sharpen over 100 pencils or cut paper, or grading DMS. Honestly, this has been so fun and I have only been doing it for 4 weeks now.

I want to learn how to be better in the business world from Mrs. Wahl. From her I want to learn how to properly schedule events and how to communicate with new people like we have known them for a while. I also want to learn how to be able to have an idea of something I want to do and go through with it, such as calling my mentor and applying for more jobs in the future. I want to learn how to be the best first grade teacher I could possibly be from Mrs. Murphy, my mentor. She will teach me how to speak with the kids when they are not listening or what to do in a bad situation when I myself would not particularly know what to do. I also want her to teach me not to be so nervous in front of the children and how to be silly and goofy with them during story time and during class time.

Something I have learned as a professional is you might need to be the tough person as a teacher sometimes and be strict with the kids when you ask them to do something over and over again. I learned that it is okay to seem like the bad guy for a minute and that they are kids and will forgive you but to also praise them on the little good behaviors they do show. I also learned in the professional world that it is good to know everyone because if you need help it is good to call someone and ask for that help. That kind of goes in with student life too because I have learned that it is okay to ask questions when you are confused on something. I also have been keeping a planner for all the homework I get and everything I get so that I can keep up to date with everything that is going on in class. I think the biggest thing this program has taught me is that it is okay to make mistakes we just need to think of what kind of mistakes they are and if we can get over them without it being a huge deal.

August 14th – August 27th (12.45 hours) – One meaningful experience that happened these last two weeks at the internship program was when I got to, at my sight, help 10 kids to read better. I got to sit down with them one at a time and go through 2 chapters in a books, very short chapters, and have them read it to me and if they struggled then I would help them to figure out what that word was they were stuck on. This experience was a very good experience for me and the kids because it got me more comfortable with the few that I sat down with and then it got me more experience working with kids who struggle on things. It was also a good experience for the kids too because they got to have one on one time with me and they got a little extra help if they needed it. I learned that sometimes when a kid is struggling it is sometimes best to just step back and let them sound out the words or let them figure it out before you jump in and say the answer. I also learned that when working with little kids people need to be patient. These last few weeks have been an amazing experience with the kids and the teacher.

August 28th – September 10th (8.15 hours) – Well I was sick for the first week of the two week logs so I did not get to do anything fun or interesting that week. When I got back though I got to help out with students in the pod. We would sit out there and learn our numbers up to 200. I would help 3 students at a time and have them cut out that much paper and glue it into a bigger piece of paper. I think this really helped me to be more patient because I would have some advanced kids in my group and some kids that needed a little more help. This would help me be patient in the fact that I needed to not get upset with the kids that struggled a little and explain the activity to them a different way so they understand it. I also got to help out the other first grade teacher with making a red white and blue banner for an assembly they are going to have. This helped me because I had to get out of the comfort zone of my mentors room and go to another teachers room.

I am expected to be a really polite and respectful person at my site. I should always be ready to help kids and have an answer for everything. All of the other teachers at the school are very nice and they always have a smile on their face and help kids out who are not in their class. I am also expected to be walking around the classroom and making sure that all of the students are doing what they need to be doing. Mrs. Murphy expects me to be a polite adult to all of the kids when they are sad or confused on a topic. I should not be yelling at anybody or starting drama around the school. I am supposed to be acting like an adult and treat everyone else around me the same way I want to be treated.

I believe this is a natural fit for my personality and conduct. I am always respectful to the teachers and I always have a smile on my face for the kids. I think that this fit is perfect because I always meet the expectation that my mentor has for me. I help every kid in need even if they are from a different class or even a different grade. I always show up with a big smile on my face and get the work done that my mentor asks of me. Sometimes I do believe I am not the happiest to the children for example I will not smile for a minute but I am always happy I just forget to smile. I always hug the kids when they ask me for hugs. I also treat everyone equally on the playground when I have to watch them I do not show favoritism to any of the kids.

A new word I learned these last two weeks was the state standards. I heard this because when I get to my internship everyday the teachers are in a planning period talking about the standards for the weeks to come. It is required for every teacher to have these classroom standards posted somewhere in their room where it is obvious what it is.

September 11th – September 24th (9.1 hours) – In these last two weeks a lot has happened. I got to meet our really nice student teacher who is working with the class every Wednesday and she is very nice. I also got to help with setting up for the writing benchmarks and all of the other benchmarks by sharpening pencils and making sure everything was good to go for all of the tests. Everyday I went in I would help each student with the work they were doing but the last two weeks has been a lot of testing so it has not been anything too interesting of fun to report. I am happy to say though that I had my site visit on Friday, the 21st and that was amazing. I was so happy to share everything I have done the past few month with Mrs. Polivchak and let her know everything I am doing. On Friday also, I got to help with the movie day the students were having so that was also a lot of fun.

Standardized tests is a vocab term I have learned since starting my internship. This is tests given to the students once a week or every couple of weeks to see where they stand in the way of learning abilities. This is taught on a weekly bases and I have not been able to see a test given yet but I should be able to soon.

September 25th – October 8th (7.22 hours) – These last two week I did not get to go to my internship as much as I would have liked to. The only day I was able to go to my internship sight was September 26. This was intersection day for the first graders. It was a pretty amazing experience because I know when I am a teacher I might be asked to do these such things also. I got to help with specific kids and I got to help these kids read from books to see which kids needed more help and give them more experience reading to an adult. I also got to help with the projects the kids were doing and make sure they put specific things in the right places. This was a really fun and amazing experience.

At my internship tight I use in-person conversation with my mentor and the other first grade staff members. Outside of my internship sight I tent to use texting with my mentor when I know I cannot be there or I might be late. In-person communication is appropriate for this situation because I am in a room with my mentor for at least 2 hours 3 times a week and it is very important that we communicate in-person. I do not know how to make this explanation any long so I apologize if I get penalized in any way for it not being 6 sentences.

I believe that at my site I am using the appropriate method of communication because if I did not use this form of communication it would be kind of awkward. My mentor and I are in the same room for a long time and we need to communicate to each other in-person because with are with each other in person. We talk to each other every time that I am there in order to tell each other what one person needs to do or she gives me instruction on the daily routine or what has been going on the days I am not at my site. We communicate in person because we are in person. So, I believe I am executing my communication pretty well.

Daily learning objective is a vocabulary term I have learned these last couple weeks. This means the thing that the students learn every day in class. So it starts as “today we will…” every single day. Some days it is a different learning objective but the learning objective goes along with the state standards they are also learning at the same time. This is so the students can properly pass the tests.

October 9th – October 22nd (0 hours) – These last two weeks I did not get to go to my internship because they were on fall break. I wish I could have gotten to go and experience more with the first graders. I did see one of the first graders outside of Esmond station and that was a surprise but it was nice to see her. Something I have learned over the entire first quarter of being at my internship is that I need to be patient. These kids are just in first grade and do not understand things like adult do. I need to learn to breathe and explain more thoroughly so that they better understand it. These first graders have really taught me to be a better person over all and to just take every day as it goes. They are so open minded and so sweet and make going to my internship everyday a real treat and are always so happy to see me.

Anticipatory set is an in industry specific vocabulary term. This is something used as the objective for the day. This is used to get the kids ready to learn every single day.

October 23rd – November 5th (0 hours) – These last two weeks I was unable to go because I was out due to a surgery. I talked to my mentor and decided I would only go every Friday for the rest of the semester since I have met my required hours. I love every time I get to go it is such an amazing experience and the children always make me feel welcome. I am so happy I got to be a part of the Vail Internship program and I got to go into a class that I want to eventually go to college for. I have learned so many new things. I should be returning to Esmond in the next couple of weeks once I am all cleared by my doctor.

Once I had to interact with the other first grade teachers. I had to help cut out papers for a construction paper rope thing the classes were making. Due to this I had to go and talk to the other first grade teachers. I also talk to them every time I go into my internship. They are always really sweet and they treat me with respect every time. We both initiate the communication and we both keep talking to each other. We enjoy talking and it gives me good experience talking to workers.

When I go into my internship I talk to the first grade helper. She helps to sort out the papers and put things into the kids folders. We talk almost every time I go because we like to catch up and see how each other are doing. I also talk to the first grade teachers like this too. We like to make jokes and have a good time when I go. I also do not know if this counts but another “coworker” I talk to is Danielle Crain, we talk and catch up and talk about Esmond and see what each other is doing in the other classes.

An industry specific vocab word is direct instructions. These model the objective. The direct instructions model what the students will be doing before they need to go on and do practice with those topics.

November 6th – November 19th (4 hours) – I have only been going to my site every Friday but since I have been out of surgery I have only been able to go for 2 Fridays now. The first Friday I went back was really amazing. All of the little kids made me cards and they had earned a pizza party it was really great to be back so that Friday was just a chill day. The next Friday I went was also amazing. I got to help a few kids with a site word game so that they could get more practice outside of their reading groups. I only got to play the game with 3 kids but they all enjoyed it and seemed to have a really good time.

In the beginning of the semester my mentor and I sat down and came up with a schedule of me coming into my internship site 3 times a week. I would come on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I believe my mentor would think we both did a good job coming up with a schedule that benefited the both of us. When I knew I was not going to be able to make it to my internship site I would message her. I did a very good job messaging her every time I was gone. I only missed days if I really felt I needed to. I would say I stuck to my schedule until I reached above 62 hours and then I started going on Fridays every week this way I could still see everyone but I did not get too many hours and I could focus on my school work.

During the first semester I was able to maintain above a 3.0 GPA. I was able to maintain all of my homework and still get above my needed hours in the internship program. It was really easy for me to keep all of my grades up while I still went to my internship site because I only went 3 times a week or 1 time a week and it was only until 4:00 at the latest. I have been able to turn in all of my assignments and if I missed an assignment it was my fault not the fault of my internship. I believe that this semester I did a good job overall with keeping up my grades while getting all of my hours for my internship program. Next semester though, I think I am going to get more hours in the weeks so I might go in for more than three times a week because it is a shorter semester.

Closure is a word I have heard a lot at my internship site. It is pretty much a test or an activity that the teachers do with their students to make sure they have learned and understand the material. Teachers sometimes do a closure activity before a test to make sure the students will pass the test.