Isabella K.

July 20th – August 13th (6.5 hours) – Advancing in the office has been quick and rich, as my mentors have made sure I am interested and working hard. One meaningful experience I have had so far is, learning that mistakes are acceptable. I learned that although the medical field and this position require the closet thing to perfection, its reasonable to accept failure. My mentors have taught me in a short time that I am not perfect, but with time and practice I can better myself to be more perfect than I currently am. I am very grateful to have mentors that understand how It feel to be new, and can empathize with me. Along with grateful, I am very excited to be able to not only learn new things but learn from my mistakes. In no way am I done growing in this area, but this little bit of encouragement has helped me to better understand my place in the office.

I hope to learn an unlimited amount of new skills while being in this program, but one specific thing I would like to improve is my ability to focus on a certain task until satisfied with the outcome. Ways I can improve myself within this area is working and pushing myself to continue on a job. I can set up an individual reward system that will encourage me to complete all work that I have started. Another thing I would like to learn is how to completely remember medical terms and this would be best learnt by my mentor Lindsey Moss. I tend to notice that she can pick up and recognize medical terminology very quickly, this is due to her experience in the field, and time committed to obtaining this information. By focusing on the information I’ve been informed about and retaining the specific details that make all the difference I can achieve my goals.

I have already learned many things not only about myself, but the program, and the field of my internship. One thing I have learned from my time in the program would be that I may have to struggle a little by this year. Admittedly I added a lot onto my plate this year and have not been able to find the perfect balance between all of my classes and my personal life. This is a good challenge for me to have, as it will prepare me for college and many other challenges in my life. One professional aspect I have learned about myself is that I am a very personable person, meaning I understand people. I have gotten along with all of the people around and inside of my internship site, including some patients. I think not only will this aspect of my personality flourish in this environment, but my professionalism will be tested and perfected.

August 14th – August 27th (9.35 hours) – Within my time in the program I have already learned so much, especially about the medical industry. Although I have only begun to work on the computers and utilize the systems, only now do I realize how much goes into one small consultation. The medical records we use online such as NextTech, and Brilliant Distinctions, holds an absorbent amount of information. Normally, I m assisting someone, and or they are helping me in the office. Last week, Mrs. Moss and Mrs. Margarita were very busy, so I was helping the patient coordinator, Mrs. Stefanie. We had begun new patient packets and I was still slightly unfamiliar with the system, but Mrs. Stefanie encouraged that I do the work on my own, and on top of that fill out patient points. I was very nervous, but also very excited and genuinely appreciative that they entrusted me to do this task alone. I was very proud of myself, because not only did I finish all of this weeks patient packets, but some from the week ahead. I learned even better how to use the system, and find my way around challenges. This experience really showed me how well perseverance and dedication can work together fluently. Im excited to achieve even more things with my mentor and alone in this program.

August 28th – September 10th (6.5 hours) – One meaning full experience that I have had in the internship program would be that I have begun to become close to the people that I work with. I have found good, and caring people at and around the office of Maloney Plastic Surgery. I enjoy coming into work each week, and understand that if I needed something from my coworkers I could easily ask. Particularly I have become closer to Stefanie, who is the patient coordinator, we have shared personal stories and become accustom to the way each other work. I appreciate all that she is showing me and it has made a big difference in my comfort-ability in the office. Overall I feel as if I am going to learn many things from my coworkers, medical and personal. As I continue in this program I hope to better understand my superiors on a personal and relate-able level.

At my internship site it is expected to dress in blue/navy scrubs, and keep your self looking professional and friendly. This atmosphere seems like it would consist of only serious behavior, but there is a sense of comfortableness, and lightness about the office. At Maloney’s office, the staff including myself is expected to perform the tasks given to them when they are given. This creates a much more ordered structure in the office to allow fluidity through the day. Many of the things we do during the course of a work day is to prepare for the following days and or weeks. My coworkers are constantly running around but having fun at the office. Overall it is a great environment to work in.

I am actively working to better fit into the run of the office that I have joined through this program. Although they have made the quick transition very simple and very nice, they understand that I am still learning. Coming into this office I instantly felt like I belonged here, not only because I loved the occupation but the people were outgoing like me. One thing I need to continue to working on in order to progress in this industry is communication, but the medical communication aspect. I am used to talking to adults, but not specifically adults who know an enormous amount of information. Sometimes talking to my coworkers and or doctor Maloney I get a little nervous. The longer I am at this office the more manageable my nerves will become, they may even dissipate.

I came across the term BBL inside of small magazine like book that was inside of the office I work out of each week. I had begun to read it, thinking it was going to talk about something that has to do with Brazilian Butt Lifts. I am very interested in this aspect of cosmetics, and had nothing to do for a little while. I quickly learned two types of BBL and this was the Broadband light laser treatment. This is a laser that passes over the skin using wavelengths and light to remove scars, blemishes, and pigmentation problems specifically around the face. Looking at these before and after pictures inside of the book I was astonished, the laser does absolutely amazing work. This is more cosmetic and less surgical which makes it a more desire-able choice to the customers.

September 11th – September 24th (6.85 hours) – One meaningful experience I have had very recently is becoming closer to my mentor. She had noticed many times that my mother drove me and had to stay in the parking lot for the 3-4 hours that I was there. Mrs. Moss, kindly offered to drive me half way or more to meet my mother after work. She has and continues to make herself available to relieve my mother of staying in the parking lot. Although I have not taken Mrs. Moss up on the offer, it has greatly affected how happy I am at Maloney Plastic Surgery. I finally feel that I am becoming a part of the family at the office. Overall I am glad that Mrs. Moss has become my mentor, and I am so excited to continue to working in this office.

I was inside of my work room and I was filling out brilliant distinctions when I noticed only people with Botox got points. I was wondering what types of Botox there were, so I looked around the room to find the answers. That is when I found a slip that told me all about the different kinds of Botox, and what they were used for. The terms I learned were, Juvederm, Voluma, Restylane, Lyft, and Silk. These are all types of fillers, used to fill in the nasal-labial folds (by the mouth and nose) , and also enhance the lips and cheekbones.

September 25th – October 8th (36.7 hours) – One meaningful experience that I have had within the last two weeks would be, seeing my very first procedure at the office. At my meeting with Mrs. Polivchak, and Mrs. Moss, we discussed goals for myself, this being one of them. This reflection is more of an uplifting and exciting experience rather than something I learned from, although I learned many new techniques and a little about different stitches. The procedure that I watched was an upper blepharoplasty, and what I saw was amazing and surprisingly quick. I am very happy that I got to experience this procedure live, as I am always watching it over my phone. I continue to hope that I will get to experience many more of these operations. being in the room during the procedure showed me that the cosmetic and reconstructive field is something that I am very interested in, and It allowed me to envision myself as the doctor performing the surgery.

At my internship site all forms of communication are appropriate, depending on the situation. Most of the time the office is full and busy, and my coworkers including myself are running around the office. Certain things need to be approved by other coworkers, and sometimes it can be nice to receive confirmation and concrete reasoning to a situation. A quick phone call to the office of another coworker can save a person from having to run all around to either find them, or just ask a simple question that could easily be answered over the phone. Texting between coworkers is dependent on how close those two people are, and how deep their intimate relationship is as friends. Many of my fellow coworkers, text each other if it is something more personal, and or if it is something just between the two people. Email is definitely appropriate with something long, and over the computer. Some of the things we do here at Maloney Plastic Surgery are online, as we do as many things possible to save trees and be environmental. The things are easier stored this way, and also make it easy to attach a file to the email and send it off. The most common form that I use at my site, would be face to face. I like to get physical confirmation on the things that I do to make sure I am doing it to the best of my ability.

I am very comfortable talking to most of my coworkers, of course there are some instances where conversation does not flow naturally. I expect myself to, over the year, become more familiar with everyone in the office, and begin to talk to them professionally and casually. For almost all of the questions I have throughout the day at my internship site, I immediately ask someone who I believe can answer them. If I am inside of a post-op and or pre-op, I wait and hold my specific questions until we leave the room out of respect for the patient. During procedures it is a little easier to ask what is happening, but even then most of my questions are saved until the end of the procedure. I have written down a few questions when talking to my multiple mentors, and have asked them once they were done explaining, to overall better my understanding. When I am not at the office with my mentors/coworkers, I email them to confirm appointments, talk about any questions I have in regards to anything, and overall communicate over email.

A word that I have learned recently would be the term “capsulectomy”. I learned this word when I was looking through the schedule in next-tech. When I saw this and had never seen it prior, I asked my coworkers what it was. A capsulectomy is the removal of scar tissue and hard tissue around a breast implant. This happens and is more common in women who have had breast implants for 15-20 years. Although, it has been seen in women who have had recent breast augmentations, for example, under and over a years worth of time.

October 9th – October 22nd (3 hours) – One meaningful experience that I have had recently would be unfortunately getting sick. I got sick the day before I went to my internship site, and this was not planned obviously. Although I had not been sick before, I had known what to do , which was email my mentor Mrs. Moss a day before preferably. I did this and eventually got an email back that had basically said it was perfectly fine if I did not show up, and that she was glad I did not bring the sickness to the office. Not only was I glad that I was able to not go to the internship site, but I was appreciative that I had been able to bank a huge amount of hours from the weeks prior. I had gotten to see procedures and do many things for whole days at a time. Mrs. Moss and my coworkers are very flexible and help me deal with not only personal but internship/school related set backs. This has not only helped me to better understand the process of informing a superior of sickness in the adult world, but showing me that I can make valuable connections with mentors and coworkers.

One word that I have learned within this weeks log was the word “otoplasty”. I learned this word, when I was filing paperwork in my coworkers bins. She has many types of words down there, but this word caught my attention. I did not ask the coworkers what this word meant because there was an extra slip that is usually handed to the patients obtaining the procedure, I read that and learned many things about the procedure. Otoplasty is a type of procedure that enhances, minimize and restores the ear. This procedure has been done in our office before, and is a procedure that uses the crooks and folds of the ears to tighten, and reshape the ears as needed.

October 23rd – November 5th (3.48 hours) – One meaningful experience that I have had within the last two weeks would be making a mistake on new patient packets. I had made a stretch mistake, and tried to be a little less reliant on my many mentors, and I learned that it is not a bad thing to have your work double checked. From this mistake, me and my mentor have therefore created a much more successful process to ensure that our work is double checked while still being efficient. I create all of the new patient packets for my mentor, I put in the information that I believe needs to be inside of their individual folder. I then put this all inside of its mailing folders and address it to the correct people. I leave the packet unglued, and allow my mentor to check the information in each folder, and then we glue them together, and weight them for their mailing stamp. I as well as my coworkers think that this is a much better way to go about perfecting the new patient packets, and I am very appreciative that we could come to this solution.

A time when I interacted with someone who was not my mentor would be the day that I followed around a multitude of people over break. I followed Cynthia to her many laser and BBL treatment patients. I then followed around Doctor Maloney to some of his post and pre-ops, along with some procedures. My mentor initiated the conversation between me and my other coworkers, and engaged with us all throughout the day. Our conversations were about the procedures themselves, and the circumstances of the office. We talked face to face, and although some of the conversations were brief, I learned an a lot of information in those two days.

A word that I recently learned would be “visceral fat”. I found this word when I was looking through a patients profile, to find information for their brilliant distinctions. This women had a previous note within their note section describing what type of fat she had, and what Dr. Maloney could do to get rid of it, if he even could. As I read on I found those words and decided to quickly look it up. I found that visceral fat is body fat stored within the abdominal cavity, and is stored around a number of important organs. Examples of this fat is around the pancreas, the liver, and the intestines.

November 6th – November 19th (6.3 hours) – One meaningful experience that I have had within these past couple of weeks would be finishing almost all of the brilliant distinctions for Botox week, and being able to remember the complete process for doing so. I really appreciate all of the work that has been put in to making sure I understand how things work inside of our office. I am getting to a point where I am understanding how to complete things, and decipher the meaning of numbers and wording inside of our programs. I am super excited to learn even more things about our systems, so that I can help as much as possible every time I go into my internship site. This meaningful experience has helped me to better understand that with a little bit of work, I can pick things up quickly and efficiently. Although I have improved within the aspect of learning things quickly, I realize that I can work on fixing the redundant mistakes I make by creating notes to myself for future reference.

For the majority of this year, I have had a steady work day of every Wednesday from 2-5 pm. I came into my internship understanding that I could only come on Wednesdays, unless it was over a break, in which I could bank several extra hours. With my mentors leniency, we quickly came to a great schedule, where I could come as early as possible on Wednesdays, and I could even stay till 6 if it was needed. I believe that they would say that I do stick to the schedule and I even work my vacation days around my work days, so I do not miss an exorbitant amount of office hours. To personally succeed within my internship, I try to ask questions and do the things I am supposed to days before it is due. I have occasionally made mistakes, such as missing this reflection log, but I am working toward not missing anything else for this internship. I do not think I would have been able to do the amount of hours that I did, if my mentor was not as flexible and kind as she is, and I am so thankful I am able to work with the people I do each Wednesday.

I have tried very hard this year to juggle all of the things that I am supposed to do for my internship, school, and home tasks. I usually try my best to complete all of my work for school , during school and or as soon as I get home. My internship work is left with my mentor, days before it is due, and my reflection logs are usually completed a day or two in advance. My goal for the end of this year is to find the perfect balance for myself to complete all of the things that are necessary within my daily life. I have missed a reflection log turn in date, and that was due to my lack of checking my calendar. I am improving this by adding vibrations, and notifications to my calendar schedule, so that I do not miss another deadline.

The industry specific vocabulary word this week would be “unit”. This is a measurement of the amount of Botox that is given to a person either in bulk and or small sections. I learned this on my way home with my fellow coworker Susan. She described to me what this was, and how each one of our providers in office, sells it at different prices. The average price is around 12 dollars, give or take a little. The providers have gone down to about 9 dollars when they have their specials. This draws in many people, and it keeps regulars coming back for the deals.