Tyler N.

January 7th – January 14th (5.03 hours) –  For my first week back from break, I had a few meaningful experiences being at my internship. The most meaningful would be that I was able to help draft on a new project with my coworkers. Before I have helped assist some of my coworkers in making corrections to drafts, however today I was able to do the same but on a whole set of plans for a new building. I worked with draftsman, Pattie Davis on the drafting, where I was able to go through and fix some mistakes and add additions to the plans. I was excited to review and look through all the plans and understand the majority of the parts and details within. Overall, this experience was the most meaningful to me because I was able to contribute to a project whereas before I did not have the necessary skills to do so.

From my internship, I believe I have developed collaboration skills. All through last semester, my internship provided new tasks that I either did not have to skills to complete or was too much work for one person. From this, I had to take steps to communicate and work with my coworkers where I reached out for assistance. My mentor, Tri guided me to always reach out for help when needed and it wasn’t until I began to work with drafts and grading exercises that I needed help. I had barely any knowledge or the skills needed to solely work with these things so I reached out to my coworkers such as Pattie, Su, and Anthony. To help attain this skill, I would continue to independently reach out to my coworkers but also would work on collaboration outside of my internship such as in school or in my day to day life.I can improve my collaboration skills by continuing asking for help when I need it but also contribute my ideas to a project if need be.

With an improved collaboration skill, I can use this in college, a future career and my personal life. With collaboration, I would have the effectiveness to contribute to a team whether it be a school project, a brainstorm with coworkers or solving a problem at home with family. The ability to work with others is necessary in society because most things need more than one mind to complete. I believe college will be where collaboration is most strongly needed. My sister and some friends have told me college is a lot different than in high school, not only where you need to have reliability but also the ability to work in a group with people who you might not personally be friends with. With this skill in collaboration, I believe that I am able to work with almost anyone on a problem that needs to be solved.

One new vocab word I learned this week would be redlining. I have heard the term before but this past week I have heard it come up repeatedly. When draftsman, Pattie Davis needed my help she wanted me to fix the redlines in the plans. The term redlining means to mark up the mistakes on plans and it is usually in red pen, so by fixing these mistakes we look through the plans and fix them on the computer where they are printed again and checked another time through redlining.

January 15th – January 28th (10.07 hours) –  One meaningful experience I had over the past two weeks was being able to participate at my internship site by having more social interactions with my coworkers. My coworkers had a superbowl party and I was able to help prepare for it which was meaningful to me. Since the theme was football, I was able to help make decorations and games for the upcoming party. On top of working with plans and files, I was able to go beyond the administrative tasks and take part in the events that happen at my site. There were other interactions with my coworkers such as Pattie, Bruce and Hope in which I was able to go beyond professional communication and talk to them about my personal life or things going on around the workplace. Overall, being able to interact with my coworkers more over the last two weeks has left a meaningful experience at my internship site so far.

One new word I learn over the past two weeks was what a “development plan” was. Over the past month, I have been tasked with reorganized the rack sets that hold the plans from previous and current projects. There was one type of plan that appearing in almost every project and that was the development plan. Through organizing and looking through the rack sets dozens of times, I was able to start recognizing the different types of plans and learn that development plans were a set of plans that thoroughly outlined the project site and had key information and details within those plans.

January 29th – February 11th (12.2 hours) –  One meaningful experience I had over the past two weeks was my use of communication skills, with second semester of school started around a month ago and with that many school and college preparation events were arising. At first, I needed to request the day off each week to attend a school event such as National Honors Society Induction, however these events seemed to never stop coming up so I needed a different plan. This is when I reached out to Dr. Miller and talked to him about changing my schedule, and I was able to because of the way I properly communicated and earned extra hours last semester. Not only was I able to practice professional communication but I was also able to communicate to workers on a social level. Since I am becoming more independent on the work I do on a day to day basis, I do not always have to ask my coworkers what they need me to help with. Instead I am mostly independent, but I still communicate to my coworkers such as asking how their day was or what they are currently working on. Overall for the past two weeks, I have been able to expand my communication with my coworkers on both a professional and social level.

Over the course of the past few months, I have been able to learn and expand my skills at my internship. Going back to September I am able to look back and see the improvements I have been able to accomplish in such a short time. One of my most significant accomplishments was achieving my first SMART goal. My first SMART goal was to visit to construction sites before the end of first semester. The first step I took in completing this SMART goal was going to the Amazon Headquarters being built by Kolb and Valencia. This day at my internship consisted of walking around the site and for the first time seeing the details on plans in real life. One hurdle I encountered while completing my SMART goal was the safety precautions Dr. Miller and I encountered. We assumed we were allowed to come on to the site without checking into the front office because Rick Engineering is so involved in the project. However after around twenty minutes a crew came up to us and requested that we sign into the front office and see if we had all the proper equipment needed. This hurdle was not difficult to overcome just a misstep and sloppy mistake. After visiting the Amazon Headquarters site in October, I was amazed by the scale of the building and all the preparation and work needed in order to build such a place. I got to hear a lot of stories of how they were helping build the headquarters and one of them stuck to me because it was really interesting. The week following Dr. Miller and I’s visit, the construction crew had a helicopter fly in. The helicopter was tasked with lifting and placing around two to three dozen air conditioner units onto the roof of the Amazon Headquarters. This task seemed really interesting and I wish I was there to witness it. The second and final part to complete my goal occurred in late November when my coworker, Anthony, and I were able to do a site visit at a new Starbucks location near the University of Arizona. The Starbucks was almost fully complete and was even operational, however Anthony needed to check if the final parts of the plan were in place and on track. This site visit was almost just as interesting as the Amazon Headquarters project because it illustrated how engineers need to be on site from the day the project starts to the day all loose ends or tied. I was able to complete my first SMART goal with weeks to spare and with those last few weeks before winter break I was able to reflect on accomplishing this goal. From completing this SMART goal, I was visual able to see a construction site and all the work and planning that goes into one. The Amazon Headquarters and the new Starbucks location were just a two out of hundreds of plans that Rick Engineering is working on and I was glad I got to visit both. By achieving this goal I was able to experience some of the hands on part of civil engineering and with that I believe this will influence my future career and education decisions in engineering. College is coming soon and these experiences have pushed me further into my interests in civil engineering and I hope to gain new experiences just like them in the future.
One new vocabulary term I learned over the past two weeks was references. This past week I have been helping Anthony with redlining a set of plans for an upcoming neighborhood. When I was completing this task I was confused on how to take out some elements so I asked Anthony for help. He showed me that plans can be made up of multiple sets of plans called references and a window can be opened where specific references can be turned off in order to see something more clearly or removed a whole set of plans easily.

February 12th – February 25th (10.04 hours) –  The most meaningful experience I had at my internship over the past two weeks was when I went in on Valentine’s Day. As a child in elementary school, I would always have parties and special events on Valentine’s Day but as I grew up that faded away but at my internship it was a whole other world. When I came in there were decorations put up everyone and a potluck. This really surprised me as it was in a work environment. As the day went on, I got to talk to coworkers and eat homemade cakes made by some of them and it felt like elementary school again. From this, I learned that the work environment is very different from high school there is less formal structure and more of a collaborative one and this intrigued me.

One new vocabulary term I learned were drainage arrows. Over the past two weeks I began working with Anthony, a draftsmen, on more redlining of plans. I was tasked with fixing the mistakes and changes on the plan and this was where I ran into drainage arrows. These arrows should how water flows throughout a lot and how through development they want to change the flow of drainage water.

February 26th – March 11th (7.58 hours) –  A meaningful experience I had at my internship over the last two weeks was when my coworkers became very busy with work they needed to do. This experience was meaningful to me because it showed me the real world experiences of needing to do work fast and efficiently. My coworkers were slammed with fixing and finishing up a bunch of different tasks so they were up and around doing nonstop work. There was multiple things going on so I asked them if they needed any help with anything and Hope had a lot for me to do. I was able to help her with filing as there was a lot of back up. It seemed as if there were at least a thousand pieces of paper that needed to be filed but I was able to use my time and energy in a useful way at my internship when they got heavy workloads. Overall, this experience taught me how in the professional world people can become caught up with work like students and we have to use our resources and time efficiently in order to overcome it.

For my second SMART goal, I wanted to see and take part in a project from start to finish by the middle of March. Although I did not directly complete this goal, I ensured I could get the same experience and lessons from if I was to see one single project through and through. By the end of first semester I had begun to take part in actual projects and was able to help my coworkers like Pattie and Anthony with drafts and project plans. Second semester is when I began to become heavily involved in separate parts of current projects. Some of the tasks I am able to do include going on site visits, organizing reports and redlining. The two site visits I was able to go to was my first SMART goal which was the Amazon Headquarters and a new Starbucks building. Hope, the receptionist, taught me how to organize reports starting around November last year and now Dr. Miller and others will have me organize reports and I am able to do it independently without any help. This illustrated how as an intern I was able to begin to work independently and collaborate with coworkers past being given instructions. One of the biggest tasks I am assigned is redlining. For the past two months I have learned more and more about redlining and the software, Microstation. In short, redlining is making necessary edits and solving existing issues on a set of plans. I have been able to look at and make changes to dozens of project plans and through this understand more of drafting. Although I was not able to see one single project from beginning to end due to the time it takes for a project to be completed, but I got to see different processes and aspects of multiple different projects. Through an increased independence in my work, I continue to collaborate with as many coworkers as I can and my skills have expanded. My communication skills but also adding to a conversation have dramatically increased over the past few months. The hurdle I overcame was that I was not able to see a single project from start to finish but I was able to adjust accordingly by taking part in many projects at different parts in them. Completing this goal will help me in many ways after my internship and into college and a future career. I was able to become more independent and knowledgeable in my work and become a more constructive thinker. By being able to take part in actual projects and see almost every part of a project, I have been able to see what a future career in civil engineering offers me. Completing both of my SMART goals has substantially increased my interest in the field and I plan to continue being apart of that field through college and an eventual career. Although I was not able to see one project from start to finish, I was able to adapt by participating in multiple projects at different steps and piece together every part to conceive how a project is started and the steps it takes to complete it.

One new vocabulary term I learned over the past two weeks was structural engineering. While doing my mentor interview with Dr. Miller he talked about his interest in structural engineering and how if he could go back he would try to major in that. He told me that it is a branch of civil engineering where it deals with designing and finding the most efficient design in a modern large building.

March 12th – March 25th (10.19 hours) –  One meaningful experience I had over the last two weeks was my interview with my mentor. From the beginning of the interview I was immediately glued to the conversation with Tri. Throughout the interview I was able to ask questions about his career and how he got to where he was today. Instead of just answering them he turned the conversation around and gave me advice on what to do in my own life to be successful. From this interview I came out even more interested in civil engineering but also what to expect from future experiences like college. This interview with my mentor is one that was really impactful on me because I got to have a deep conversation that surpassed a shallow conversation of asking and answering questions.

One new vocabulary term I learned over the past two weeks was potable water. While taking new project plans and filing them I saw one that popped out to me. It was a water plan and showed how the drainage in this plan would work and this is where potable water arose. Potable water is what that can be reused and is safe to drink and in developing plans this water is wanted to be saved so the drainage leads it to the sewers and other outlets to be transferred to the water plant. 

March 26th – April 8th (10.17 hours) –  One meaningful experience I had over the past two weeks as part of the internship program was preparing for my SEP presentation. As the year is quickly coming to a close a lot of projects are too and the big one being SEP. When I was making my presentation to practice for April 2nd, I was able to reflect on the entire past year and what I was able to accomplish. One of my fondest memories of the Internship program was going on a site visit to the Amazon warehouse and being able to look around the development site. I originally believe it would be one of the most boring and difficult things to complete SEP but now being in April I look back and see how I was able to research into a controversial topic and participate in a great internship. Overall making my SEP presentation was really fun to do because I was able to look back on what I was able to accomplish this year and how I have expanded myself into new areas where I was not comfortable in before.

Over the course of my time at my internship I feel that I have developed into a strong more well rounded individual where I was also able to strengthen my group work skills. Going to my internship site at least twice a week has taught me to become more organized and have a flexible but proficient schedule. I had to learn how to make room for obstacles and now that I had the responsibility to show up and complete work instead of previous years where I would just go home and relax. The longer I stayed at my internship the more I loved being there because I was able to talk with coworkers and feel productive in what I did. This is where I was able to expand my skills in working with groups. Today I am a stronger contributing group member where I am able to effectively work with others around me. Overall, the internship program has brought the best out of me however there were times where I felt exhausted and did not want to show up but as a emerging adult I knew I could not give up so easily and I persisted.

Three recommendations for students joining the Vail Internship Program next year are to be prepared, stay organized, and push through. Before I was a Senior I always believe it would be the easiest year of high school, however I was wrong. Senior year was one of the most challenging years of my life from applying to college and completing assignments that never seemed to stop on top of additional responsibilities such as the internship or extracurriculars. One thing I would say to incoming seniors is to be prepared for this year as it is filled with a lot of stress both work related and emotional but it is manageable. By always being organized and not procrastinating life is manageable but still busy. One last thing I would recommend to juniors is that persist and don’t give up because in the end it is worth it and also make new memories with friends and those around you.

One new vocabulary term I learned over the past two weeks was footing. While filing paperwork I ran into the word and as always wanted to see what it meant. So when I got home I looked it up and saw that it means a slab of concrete that acts similarly as a foundation to support a wall, column or another structural item.

April 9th – April 22nd (7.62 hours) –  One meaningful experience I had at my internship site over the past two weeks was when I was planning the end of the year events with my mentor. When I was handing him the RSVP card for the internship banquet I came to the realization that the school year is so close to ending. We were discussing the banquet and my senior exit project presentation coming up and I was amazed by how far I have come. It felt like my first day at my internship only or that I was attending the business etiquette course a few weeks ago. Now at the end of my senior year there is a lot I have accomplished but the time went by too fast. Overall my meaningful experience was not really one related to my current time at my internship but kind of a reflection of the entire year and where I am now.

One new vocabulary term I have learned over the past two weeks was spacing. As I was looking at plans for the racksets I wondered how distances between objects were determined so that is when I looked it up on google. Spacing in engineering is referring to the distances required for support beams in a building or bridge. So it was not necessarily the term I was looking for but I found a new term that I would not have stumbled on if I was not curious.

July 20th – August 13th (7.58 hours) – One meaningful experience I had recently at my internship was when I met all my coworkers on my second day. During my first day, I mainly filled out paperwork, read company policies, and set up my work station. However on my second day, I was introduced to everyone at my site and this was something that stuck with me. After I went around and met everyone, I felt a lot more comfortable at my site because everyone was kind but also keep the work environment light and fun. It was difficult to remember everyone’s’ names but a few of my coworkers stuck out to me such as two of the draftsmen, Pattie and Royal. They made me feel included as I shadowed them for the rest of my day at my site. I was able to get a gist of their everyday work but also they always had fun and would work together on projects.

I hope to learn many things from my internship but two specifics would be learning how to keep on top of my schedule and how to be a contributing factor in a workplace. I hope the internship program with Mrs. Polivchak and Mrs. Wahl can help me learn to keep on top of my schedule because it is an added workload on top of my senior year. Within the past week, I have been exhausted because of my busy schedule with school, the internship and then homework from Tuesday to Thursday. I hope that with time, I learn from advice and help from Mrs. Polivchak and Mrs. Wahl about how to be more efficient and still complete all my work. Although it is an added workload, the internship will teach me many things. One major thing I hope to learn from my mentor and coworkers is how to become a sufficient and contributing worker in the workplace. So far I have seen how some of my coworkers have a dynamic in which to be more efficient but still stay relaxed while doing work and I think that over time I will learn and pick up on these habits to become a successful contributor to my workplace.

By being a senior in high school, I have already seen the work and effort needed in order to be successful. From a professional view, I have learned that life past high school requires me to be more independent and that I have to reach out myself in order to get help and assistance. On my first day, after receiving my paperwork, I was taken to my desk and given time to fill it out and also begin to set up my computer. The paperwork was very confusing and I realized no one would help me if I didn’t reach out, so I was able to do as much as I could and then I got up and reached out to the receptionist, Hope Bentley, for help. She was able to walk me through the things I didn’t understand and she helped me with the rest of my first day by helping me with logins and other small things I needed to do. On the other hand as a student, I have learned a lot already. The major thing being the work and effort I need to put in to everything, such as each of my classes, SEP, and on top of that my internship. Each one of my classes needs me to put in a lot of effort in order to be successful.

August 14th – August 27th (15.24 hours) – One meaningful experience I had in the past two weeks at my internship was learning how to be more independent. Over the past two weeks I have been working with a lot of coworkers at my site and I have begun learning how to use Microstation, a drafting software. Although I do work with others, I have learned that I need to carry my own weight and complete the tasks I am given on top of learning the workplace environment and collaborating with others. One of these experiences happened on Thursday, August 16 when I working with a draftsmen on learning how to use Microstation, when one the project managers wanted me to complete fix some errors on a drafting project. This experience did cause a little stress for me cause I needed to handle two things at once but I was able to overcome it while learning how to be more efficient with my time. Overall, I believe I will be faced with more experiences like this however, I will be able to learn how to handle these situations with a productive mindset.

August 28th – September 10th (16.35 hours) – One meaningful experience I had in the past two weeks was when I completed tasks that were not related to my interest in engineering. These tasks consisted of changing light bulbs, tightening bolts on chairs and filing. This experience was meaningful to me because I did not realize these tasks such as changing light bulbs would be present in my internship. Now after this experience, I have a better understanding and realization of what my internship will consist of. I realized that these tasks such as filing are critical to know in the professional world and that when I am asked to do them they will actually help me know how to completed these certain tasks both in business but in my personal life. From this point forward I will be capable of doing these administrative tasks.

Over the four weeks I have been at my internship site I have seen certain behaviors that I should follow but also need to improve. One of the first behaviors I noticed was everyone’s collaboration with one another. Although right now I am learning and training with new skills, after I am knowledgeable of these skills, I will begin collaborating with my coworkers and working with them to complete projects. Another thing I noticed from my coworkers, was that they used breaks times they are able to without missing valuable time. This will be one behavior I have to change because now that I am in the professional world I can not slack off because it costs the company money and I should have the responsibility like the rest of my coworkers to work efficiently and the full time I am there. There are many more behaviors I have noticed but I believe collaboration and break times are the most important to me while others like cell phone use are behaviors I already have and practice.

For the most part I believe I do fit the expectations for my conduct and personality. For most of my life I have been self-reliable and good at staying on top of my work and I believe that this naturally helps me in the professional world. Although I believe I have the skills that help me in the professional world and the expectations needed to succeed, there are most likely going to arise a few situations that will need me to actively work to meet the expectations. One of these situations is my teamwork skills because I have been an independent worker and learner. I believe that with practice and learning new ways to reach out to people I will be able to improve this skill along with many more skills. Overall, I believe that I will be able to fit most expectations but there will be a few I need to practice on.

One new word I came across was “topo”. While working on grading exercises which are training me how to draft and write out plans, I kept running across this word over and over again. I finally asked the Principal Engineer, Bruce Paton, what it meant and he said it refers to the map of a plan laid out. The simplicity of what it meant made me feel a little embarrassed of asking, but now that I know what it means I am able to see it and understand what it means and how to use it.

September 11th – September 24th (15.14 hours) – One meaningful experience I had at my internship site was working with Hope Bentley, receptionist, for most of my time in the past two weeks. Hope showed me how to do a lot of administrative responsibilities such as sending invoices, filing, and organizing projects. I saw that these things were not directly part of learning engineering but they are the groundwork in the office, that helps it function. I learned all these skills and later on they will help me in any business I am employed for. However these tasks not only taught me certain skills, they also let me observe the process of how an engineering project is put together and it drove my interest even further into the field of engineering. I noticed brainstorms, design concepts, and plans for entire communities and shopping centers. This was a meaningful experience because I saw how important the job of receptionist is to an office, but also how these administrative tasks were able to teach me certain skills but additionally observe certain aspects of the engineering field.

As I was filing paperwork at my internship site, I ran across the word truss and I asked Hope what it meant. Previously, I have seen the word and knew partially what it meant but I wanted to learned the technical engineering meaning of the word. She told me that it meant a framework that helps support structures and RICK Engineering mostly uses it model bridges but also roofs.

September 25th – October 8th (15.17 hours) – One meaningful experience I had at my site in the past two weeks was when one of the draftsmen, Su, asked if I could help him on a few things for a project. Even though I only got to start helping him with the project, it still meant a lot to me that I could consider myself valuable enough in the workplace to start helping others. This experience meant I had enough knowledge and practice to begin working on real life projects with my coworkers. I am also able to propose ideas and talk more about engineering with experienced professionals. I grew from this experience in that I feel more motivated to put in even more effort and work into my internship besides administrative tasks. Overall, this experience has helped me become even more involved into my internship and be proactive in the work environment.

In terms of communication, I mostly talk in person if I need to communicate with my mentor or coworkers. I feel that this is the best but also fastest way to ask a question or gain information from my coworkers that I need. This is the most appropriate because it shows I am able to properly talk and interact with my coworkers and mentor. It also can convey to my coworkers that I am comfortable enough in the work environment to reach out and talk with them. By talking in person I am also able to gain more information than if it was an email because I can quickly clarify or ask a question if I am confused with what they are saying. Overall if I need to communicate to my coworkers, I will primarily talk to them in person to gain the most information but also be able to connect with them and ask them for help or clarification.

If I need to communicate with someone at my site I choose between either email or in person. I usually email someone if there is an image or information about quantity so I can look off of it, instead of repeatedly going back and forth to ask them again to see it. I will usually talk to my coworkers in person if I need to clarify something or need help learning how to do a task. To prepare through email or in person, I usually write down what I want to say on a notepad and read it to myself to see if it makes sense or is a quality question. Throughout my time at my internship I have been able to feel more comfortable talking to my coworkers and mentor in person so I use email as minimal as possible. In conclusion, my main form of communication is in person with email being second and I take time to prepare what I am going to say or email to my mentor or coworkers.

One new word I learned over the past two weeks was the word “indexed” I was working with Hope in the copier room to learn how to flat file project plans, when she mentioned the projects needed to be indexed onto ONBase. I wondered what it meant but Hope taught me how to index projects and I have been practicing it for a few days. Indexed means to specify details and name a project to store it into the ONBase program.

October 9th – October 22nd (15.07 hours) – One meaningful experience I had over the past two weeks at my internship was my site visit to the Amazon construction site. Thursday after school instead of going to my site I met my mentor, Dr. Miller, at the Amazon construction site on Kolb an Valencia. When I first got there I was amazed at how big the site actually it is over 700,000 square feet. Throughout my time there I was able to see how the building is being built and how it looked in real life versus on a blueprint. It was really nice to see how an engineering project looks like after the planning was complete and how many parts there are to it. This experience was the most meaningful to me so far this year because I was able to get real life experience on the site of such a huge engineering project.

One new word I learned in the past two weeks was “site visit”. My mentor and I were talking and he asked if I wanted to go on a site visit to the Amazon construction site. At first I was confused because my connotation of a site visit was Mrs. Polivchak’s visit to my internship site. However the site visit was to visit a construction site and see if the building is on schedule, every detail is how it should be and see how the building looks like so far.

October 23rd – November 5th (10.08 hours) – One meaningful experience I had was learning how to rack project plans with Su, a draftsman. Part of his job is to take approved plans and rack them with others on a shelf that holds about 30 racks. I was able to learn how to rack and understand project title names which I found very interesting. The experience meant a lot because I was able to be hands on with ongoing projects and be in charge of organizing them. I am now able to understand how projects are named, know where the majority of all files are located and how they are organized. Overall, I was able to interact with another draftsman and learn even more from my internship.

Last Wednesday, one of my coworkers, Su, asked for my help on racking project plans. Before than I have only been introduced to Su but I was able to interact and help him over the past two weeks. He taught me how to rack project plans and he showed me how to read and know what titles on projects mean. Su initiated the conversation by talking to me in person. Racking was very interesting and I was able to learn a lot from Su who is another draftsman at Rick Engineering. I learned that Su was really nice and helpful and now I know I can also turn to him for help if need be.

One social interaction I had with a coworker in the past two weeks was with Hope, the receptionist. On November 1st when I arrived at my site for the day, Hope initiated the conversation by asking how my Halloween was. I responded that it was great and responded back with the same question. Since she is a part-time student at the U of A, she had class on the night of Halloween. I felt really bad but then I asked her how she liked U of A and we had a quick conversation on how U of A is a college I am thinking about going to. Overall, I am comfortable with communicating with my coworkers on a social level and I mainly interact with Hope and Tri on a daily basis especially on a social level.

One new word I learned over the past two weeks was “racking”. At my internship site there is about 30 racks where project plans hang from, last Wednesday I was taught how to rack approved project plans from these racks. It was difficult because it takes a wrench to loosen and tighten the nuts that hold the rack together. Racking was interesting because I got to see plans from 20 years ago and plans from now and I was able to observe and begin to recognize certain details on the plans.

November 6th – November 19th (15.16 hours) – One meaningful experience I had in the past two weeks was on Tuesday, November 13. It was Pattie Davis’s birthday, there has been birthdays before then but I was never at my internship when it was one of my coworkers’ birthdays. The experience was meaningful for me because I was exposed to a new side of my work and coworkers. Pattie was not there but we all took a picture with a ‘Happy Birthday’ sign and sent it to her. On top of her birthday celebration there was an early thanksgiving feast. From this experience, I saw that the work environment was not always a quiet place but also a place where I could be friends with my coworkers and be comfortable enough to reach out to any of them.

From the beginning of the semester, I was able to establish a schedule within the first few days of being at my internship. Throughout the entire semester, I was able to stick closely to my schedule with the exception of holidays and days where school events were happening. If I wanted to take a day off I would reach out to my mentor a week or two ahead and ask if I could take the day off. If I missed a day, I would also pick up and extra to make up the day that I requested off. Some days, especially when I was stressed in school, it was hard to come in because I was exhausted and it would feel easy not to come in. These days were difficult but I always persisted and went in as I was scheduled to because my internship is such a crucial part of my life but also I left my internship at the end of each day happier and more energetic then when I came in.

My time management skills grew dramatically over the past few months, mostly in September and October. These two months were the most stressful I have experienced, but I got through with my ability to adapt to my new schedule. Three days a week, I would go to school, my internship, and go home and do homework and fill out college applications. I had around 12-14 hour days where I had no free time and these took a toll in the beginning. This schedule pushed me to learn how to make a better schedule and sometimes take a step back and relax. Currently, I have a similar schedule but I have finished college applications and my SEP rough draft so my schedule is lighter and I have more free time to relax everyday. Next semester, I will most likely keep my current internship schedule and stick strictly to my overall schedule because I have been able find time to relax but still complete all my work efficiently in school and at my site.

One new word I learned over the last two weeks was plat. I was working and practicing drafting on a plan given to me by Dr. Miller, and I was exploring Microstation and old plans as a reference and I kept coming across the word plat. I did no know exactly what it meant so I looked it up and it came to be defined as a plot of land. When I knew what the word meant the plans and references I were using made a lot more sense since I now knew what the word meant.