Fiona T.

January 7th – January 14th (0 hours) –  One meaningful experience I have had from the internship program is that I have started to recognize my independence more. Recently my mentor has been trusting me to do a lot more on my own. He especially does this when I am working remotely from home. Typically he gives me a tutorial to follow and take notes for, then lets me “play” with the new skills that I have learned. This is letting me know that I have been improving significantly with my programming which is giving me more confidence.

My internship has helped me develop the soft skill of problem solving. Problem solving is the whole purpose of working as a System engineer so I am not surprised that I have developed it. My mentor helped me develop this trait by trying to help me as little as possible so that I have to find a solution on my own. This has worked incredibly well for me as I tend to do well with things that I am thrown into. I can continue to improve this skill by setting myself example problems and thinking of multiple ways to solve this. I will also write these down in case I come across them again in the future.

This soft skill will allow me to work in groups far better. I used to struggle working in groups as I do not compromise very well. Lucky problem solving includes compromising between two different solutions. It will also help me with my studying as my current problem is finding a good way to study. I will use my problem solving abilities to find a good way for me to study. It will likely involve flashcards formed into some form of a mini game to keep my attention.

MySQL is a sorting algorithem that many big companies are using. Sadly, while it is efficient, it will soon go out of fashion as better versions come into play. However it is perfect for working on multiple machines at the same time

January 15th – January 28th (11.84 hours) – One meaningful experience I had recently was uninstalling Ubuntu. This was a meaningful experience as we decided to switch from Ubuntu to Cent OS which allowed me to see the differences between the two. Ubuntu is clearly the superior out of the two different operating systems and has a much cleaner GUI. From this I have learned that if I continue to work with Linux and similar languages I will probably want to download Ubuntu rather than the typical ones like Windows. I do feel rather sad that we won’t be working with Ubuntu anymore as it is much easier to work with. However, I do understand it is important that I learn to work with it, especially if I continue to look into computer science forensics.

One word that I have learned at my internship is ping. Ping is a code command that is used to see if a host is still running or not, which also sends back the ip of the host. I learned it as I was setting up Nagiosql as I had to input the ip addresses of all of the wanted hosts.

January 29th – February 11th (10.53 hours) – One meaningful experience I had these last two weeks occurred whilst I had free time. The last two days I went into my internship we ended up finishing what we had planned fairly early which gave me some free time. During this free time I decided that I would use the time to organize the goals I needed to achieve to reach my future goals. I finished doing this fairly quickly as well so I decided to work on the first thing on my list, which was learning python. It is important for me to learn python as it is one of the most commonly used programming languages in the world today. It is also important that I learn more of these languages as computer forensics experts have to work with many different coding languages.

My first smart goal for this internship was to get a basic understanding, and to set up, Nagios. Nagios is a computer system that is used to keep an eye on the basic functions of multiple computer systems at the same time. One of these functions is checking the disk usage. In order to learn how to set this up I had to first get a basic understanding of how to code within a Terminal. Most computers have an easy to find app called terminal that is built in when you first open your computer or laptop. To code within the terminal you use a coding language called linux which computer systems such as Ubuntu and CentOS are built upon. Once I had gotten a basic understanding about coding in linux I then had to start learning about IP addresses. IP addresses are unique addresses assigned to each computer that can change based on where the computer is being used. IP addresses are used to send information in between computers, which Nagios uses regularly in order to collect information on how other computers are running. IP addresses can also be used to determine which host is using the computer using the who command in the terminal followed by the ip address. Once I had learned this we downloaded Nagios and made the necessary connections to other hosts, which included what scans would be used, who are we monitoring, and to which emails do we want to send warnings too. Once we had downloaded one version of Nagios we decided to uninstall it and replace it with Nagiosql, which has the same functions of Nagios, but can be run far more efficiently. I was very happy that I was able to learn how to download Nagios, which is a very finicky process, as there are many big companies who really want to download Nagios, but have no clue how too. One of these companies is a Radiology clinic that passes out Radiology certificates in Tucson. Over the past three years they have been struggling to download Nagios. This will definitely give me an advantage in the future when it comes to applying for a job, as being able to download Nagios can help a company become far more efficient and secure. The steps I took to learning how to download Nagios will also be very important to my future. The ability to code in linux is a constant need for computer science forensics as it gives you the ability to find hidden files and to move barriers around within the computer, using the command “mount”, in order to reveal hidden information. Combining this knowledge with my knowledge of IP addresses will also allow me to use one computer to access the information on another computer through remote access, which means that I wouldn’t have to set up a random password generator to get into a locked device. Even if I never get into computer forensics, it gives me the skills necessary for being a system administrator which is my chosen backup job.

One vocabulary word that I have learned at my internship is mount, as in the Linux command. This command allows me to move file barriers on a computer in order to hide, or discover, hidden information. I learned this while exploring how to set up a virtual box in order to give certain programs more gigs to run on.

February 12th – February 25th (9.4 hours) – One meaningful experience that I had within this last week was during mine and Mr. Edmond’s usual break walk. During this break walk we did what we normally do and chat while walking down to the cafeteria at the College of medicine to go to the Pete’s coffee stall. This time Mr. Edmond’s went to go grab something else so I chatted with the woman that usually serves us. During our chat I was pleasantly surprised as she thought that I was currently a college student, once I told her that I was still in high school she was thoroughly impressed. This was a meaningful experience for me as it helped me validate my life’s choices, and how I spend my time. This has told me that it does me no harm to try to get your foot in the door ahead of the game.

One vocabulary word that I have started to better understand at my internship is Ansible. Ansible is a Linux based coding language that is highly efficient and easy to learn. I have come to better understand this word because I am starting to learn the syntax of Ansible and how to code with it.

February 26th – March 11th (10.69 hours) –  One meaningful I have had recently had at my internship occurred last Wednesday. It turned out that the building that I do my internship was at was having an open house, a rather fancy one. I was going to help set up but they told me that I wasn’t needed for that, however I did go down with those who were setting it up to see what all the fuss was about. After we had finished up for the day I decided to take part in the open house and explore, since I could potentially do another internship here as it is in walking distance from the new honor’s college. While it was rather nice, it had very little in terms of more computer science based things, all they had was a vr (virtual reality) table, and a small engineering booth. So sadly in the end the Bio5 instatution will likely not be the best choice for me for an internship, but I learned quite a bit.

My second smart goal for this internship was to learn Ansible’s syntax language. Ansible is a Linux based coding language that is often used to set up security much faster than a bin bash script, which is a way of executing many lines of Linux code in one go. I hadn’t heard of Ansible before I started interning, nor would I of been able to tell you what it is specifically used for. In order to code Ansible with ease we downloaded a text editor called Atom, which highlights coding much like a standard code editor would do, it also has quite a lot of other cool features. Once we had done this he set me on my project which was to fix an Ansible script that downloaded certain packages, set up firewalls, set up remote access, and many many other things. The project consisted of two separate scripts, which are separated as the host ports need to be changed midway through. He decided to give me a project straight away because we figured that it would be easier for me to learn through doing, rather than doing a lengthy tutorial like I did for MySQL, which lasted me the entirety of December. So in the end I learned what I know now about Ansible through the world’s most used tutor, google, as Mr. Edmonds doesn’t work with Ansible very often, and with the amount of issues we were having with the code it was a learning opportunity for both of us. While google held many of the basic information, that we needed for smaller fixes, it had very little of the information that we needed for the bigger problems, such as certain lines of code that will only work for certain versions of specific systems, therefore there is less people who are interested in the problem, unlike the smaller fixes which more people have encountered issues with. In all honesty it didn’t take me long to understand the language due to my previous experience in coding, as once you learn a few languages the rest can be pretty easy to learn, as they all have their similarities, the main thing to learn is the different syntaxes. The thing that really tripped me up the most was figuring out how it wanted me to indent everything. I found that fixing the syntax changes between the different versions of Ansible, as there is the occasional syntax change when they decide to update it. I would likely use Ansible in the future if I go down the path of a system administrator, due to how efficient it is, and because it is fairly easy to edit as long as there isn’t a super specific problem occurring. I could easily reuse the same script for multiple different kinds of systems, which means that I wouldn’t have to constantly rewrite code redundantly. From this point on I plan to now start working on learning Python, another Linux based coding language, as now Mr. Edmonds doesn’t really know what to teach me.

One vocabulary word I learned at my internship was dbus. Dbus allows communication between multiple computer programs through remote procedure calls. I learned this as we were having a problem with dbus when we were fixing the Ansible scripts.

March 12th – March 25th (2.82 hours) –  One meaningful experience I recently had was going down to the U of A data bank. We went to the data bank on Wednesday as one of the disk storage units was failing far too often, therefore needed to be replaced. It was very high security, however Mr. Edmonds was allowed to go in there alone since he had been in so many times. Due to such he has proven himself worthy, plus anyways there are still security cameras everywhere, just in case. I learned how to remove and replace a storage disk and also why it is high security. It is high security because each of the cases, including all the stuff inside, can cost half a million dollars.

One word that has been used a lot recently is data bank. A data bank is a cabinet full of storage disks that is used to hold information for servers. I learned about this word as we were discussing going down to have a look at the data banks.

March 26th – April 8th (10.66 hours) –  One meaningful experience I have recently had in the internship program was switching from centos to solus. We did this as we didn’t really know what else I should do, so it seemed like a good idea to try out different systems. It was quite a bit better than centos, but I still prefer ubuntu and will probably look at using it for college. Doing this kind of testing with systems helps me prepare for my future by allowing me to decide which system will work best for me in college. Especially since I am going into a computer based field in which I will work with it a lot. In the end we did decide that I will work some more with Ansible coding language until I have fulfilled the necessary time for the internships.

One important thing that this internship has taught me is that I have a natural ability to learn code quickly. I will most definitely be using this to my advantage on my resume, and will continue to try to learn more coding languages. However, I do need to work on making sure that I am constantly using all of the languages I learn so I don’t mix them up. This internship has also taught me that I am a lot smarter than I give myself credit for. An average human being wouldn’t be doing anything like this nor have the ability too. I will use this to boost my confidence to push myself further

1) Keep your calendar where you will see it on a daily basis.
If you can’t see your calendar you won’t use it or even look at it.
2) Make sure you have alarms set for the day before for your online calendar.
An alert does you no good if it chimes at the time that the assignment will be late.
3) Take as many notes as humanly possible.
The skills you use will be used in the future and can be put on your resume.

At my internship site I learned about the word Solus. I learned it when Mr. Edmonds was looking to give me a job to do, which was to install Solus. Solus is a system like windows, ubuntu, or centos.

April 9th – April 22nd (10.25 hours) –  One meaningful experience I recently had in the internship program happened this last Thursday. The day before Mr. Edmonds downloaded the most recent version of Ubuntu onto the computer. This then caused us significant issues on Thursday as it refused to work with what we were trying to do. At that time we were trying to work with Docker, which was working perfectly with the older version of Ubuntu. However, it refused to work at all with the current version no matter what Mr. Edmonds tried. In the end we decided that the older version is better which has allowed me to decide that the newest version isn’t always better, and can quite often malfunction more often.

One vocabulary word I learned at my internship site was docker. I learned this word as it is the next thing I will be working with and will be seeing if I like it better than virtual box or not. Docker is a form of virtual machine that is very minimalistic so it will take up less storage.

July 20th – August 13th (0 hours) – One meaningful experience I had with the internship program was during the July Professional Development meeting. This is because it gave me the basics on how I will turn in information and communicate with Mrs. Wahl and Mrs. Polivchack. This helped me learn what I should do if I have website issues but still need to turn something in. In this situation I am to take a screen shot and let Mrs. Wahl and Mrs. Polivchack know either through a phone call or an email. I am also meant to send the screenshot to them as proof. It is also important that I make sure to contact Mrs. Polivchack instead of Mrs. Wahl while Mrs. Wahl is out on maternity leave.

I would like to learn what is the best way to network from Mrs. Wahl/Mrs. Polivchack. I would especially like to know how to network outside of the workplace you are already in. I would also like to know if it would be a good idea to start a linked in account for networking purposes. I would like to know what is the best way to learn coding syntax from my mentor. I would like to know this so I can identify different coding languages just by looking at them. This tends to be a little bit difficult to me as many coding languages look the same.

I learn that I am more organized and ready to do things when I am in my professional mind set. I tend to be more focused on scheduling and making the most out of my day. However I tend to be less social when I am in my professional mindset. As a student I tend to be more willing to help others than my professional mindset. I also tend to be more sympathetic to others and like to get involved in more social things. However as a student I am a lot less organized than my professional self and tend to forget things a lot more often.

August 14th – August 27th (0 hours) – One meaningful experience that I had recently was having my first professional internship. I had an interview with Andy Edmonds, and while it started off very professional it got more casual. In the end I found out that the interview was just a formality, and he just wanted to show me the kinds of things I would be doing to make sure I would enjoy it. It has helped me gain confidence about my skill sets and what others think about me, as I am sure the interview would have been a lot more formal with out you explaining who I was beforehand. In the end I agreed to the internship, although I have not been able to start yet. This is also why I don’t have any hours yet as I have to wait for the paperwork to pass through as well as getting a card for the building as it is a secure building.

August 28th – September 10th (9.53 hours) – One meaningful experience I have had so far in my internship was setting up my cat card with the U of A. I have to set up a cat card as the building I will be interning in is a secure building, and the cat card will be used as an access card. The building is a secure building as there are sections that do animal testing for biological science. I can also reuse the cat card if I go to the U of A for college which allows me to skip out on paying 25 dollars for the cat card then. It also allowed me to learn the kind of processes I will end up protecting when I start to work with firewalls. Getting the card also allowed me to get a better grip on how to navigate the campus as I ended up having to go to the student union building to get it all sorted out.

At my internship location dress is very casual as made obvious by a lot of people wearing jeans. It’s also a fairly open friendly environment where the employees are not afraid to playfully tease as long as it doesn’t affect anyone negatively. Also everyone in the building seem very willing to learn more and add more to their resume. There are many interns that are both from high schools and also many interns that are students of the U of A. Everyone in the building communicates often and upon many different subjects. The main form of communication is done through an app called Slack which is like a nicer form of Skype.

This is a natural fit for my kind of conduct and personality. However if there is anything that I don’t fit in with is the fact that I like to dress professionally when going to work. This doesn’t seem to be an issue with anyone in the building but I will probably try being at least a little more casual when I go in next. The communication standard is perfect for me as the fairly casual talk with the occasional sarcasm which is what I am used to within my household. I also seriously appreciate how everyone is making a serious effort to continuously improve themselves and others. I fit with this well as I am constantly trying to find ways to make myself seem more competitive.

I came across the word VI as it is one of the many systems that can be used as a text editor. I found out that the acronym VI stands for visual interface. I use VI on a daily basis for the purpose of taking notes on what Mr. Edmond teaches me. VI is a staple of most Linux based systems.

September 11th – September 24th (11.64 hours) – One meaningful experience I had at my internship was learning how to set up remote access and basic firewall precautions. This is important for me as I can use remote access with slack (A professional facetime app) to make up some of the hours I missed by starting so late. It has also allowed me to learn how a system administrator can go into other work computers and make them more secure. On one of my recent internship days, Mr. Edmonds completely wiped my remote connection and firewalls and had me set them up from scratch by myself. Luckily we had gone over my notes and made them more detailed the day before so I was able to complete the task fairly easily. This made me more confident about my abilities to work on things such as this by myself. It also made me feel more confident about how I navigate through the linux terminal.

One term that I have come across at my internship site is Engineering notation, which I came across while handling usbs. Engineering notation consists of putting words like giga and centi in front of a term of measurement, to use as a simplified version of scientific notation. While I do know most of the terms such as giga and centi, I didn’t know that they were classified under the term of Engineering notation.

September 25th – October 8th (20.7 hours) – One meaningful experience that I have had during my internship recently is taking part in a company potluck. Since it was during fall break and I didn’t have anything going on the user engagement officer on my floor invited me to the company potluck. It was a very casual potluck, apparently they do it based off some form of a theme usually however this time they didn’t. There was a lot of good food, it wasn’t typical potluck foods, instead it was mainly foods from the individual’s nationalities, which ended up meaning that there was a lot of spicy food. I got to see a lot more people who work in the office, and I have taken note to get their information when I have the time. It also gave me a better idea of how everyone communicates with each other to reach their goals

The form of communication that I use most often is balanced between in-person conversation and a system called Slack. I mainly use in-person conversation with my mentor, Mr. Edmonds, and the user engagement officer, Tina. This is an appropriate form of communication as we tend to work together in the same space, as Tina is trying to learn some code too. Slack is like a better version of Skype that is compatible with the Linux terminals we use. This is mainly used to keep the rest of the building updated on what we are doing, it also allows us to let people know if we are leaving for lunch or something similar. This is appropriate for this situation as the building is highly separated and there are many people who work from home, which makes it hard to interact in person.

I am very comfortable choosing the appropriate method of communication at my internship site. This is mainly because there are only two methods of communication used when you are at the building. These two methods of communication are decided on based on how close you are to the other person and how busy you or the other person is. I am very comfortable with executing this well also. This again is because it is fairly straight forward if you base it on distance and work load. If you are on the same floor as the other person and neither of you are busy then you talk in person, however if one of you is busy or on a different floor then you use slack.

One vocabulary word that is frequently used for the job of a system administrator is binary coding. Binary coding is used to give or deny access to documents on a computer that is remotely accessed. I happened to already know the word however I am starting to learn binary code as it will be used more frequently.

October 9th – October 22nd (13.04 hours) -One meaningful experience I had at my internship was meeting Kris. Kris awakened me to how financially strong the area of computer science is. Kris is the other System Administrator in the building and is 27, he has a lovely personality and is super friendly. He started as an intern and they couldn’t loose him, not even when he moved to New York where he started to work remotely. Kris, at this age of 27, was just able to decide that he wanted to be a snow bird, which is insane for his age. This causes me to have great respect for him, as it likely is a reflection on his pay. His pay is likely that high because of his loyalty to the group and his hard work, he likes to fix problems that no one gives a second glance at.

One vocabulary word that I learned at my internship site is rsync. In reality it is a coding command, but it is one that is used a lot for backup. rsync is used to transfer the data on one computer onto another computer, this is often done when one computer has to go through a factory reset.

October 23rd – November 5th (5.5 hours) – One meaningful experience I have had recently in the internship program is demonstrating my current capabilities at the site visit. As I went through the site visit I found that I still have a lot that I need to work on. I definitely need to work on my note taking and make my current notes more detailed and in depth. I also need to practice my skills more, which I haven’t been able to do previously because of my many activities. Luckily I should be able to now as I just finished the mountain biking season. I also need to work on remembering more coding commands so that I am not constantly looking back to my reference sheet.

On multiple different occasions I have had to talk with Tina, our human resources officer, about getting my card set up. For the longest time we have had issues getting my building card to work on the correct building. For some reason my card was set to work on the building next door rather than our building. We eventually found out that it was because someone switched the websites around for our two buildings. I have been the one to initiate the communication so that Tina knows to contact the guy who set up the whole system. This was done mostly through face to face communication, however, I have used slack to contact her when she isn’t at her desk.

I have interacted with Kris, the other system administrator, for purely social reasons multiple times. I was very comfortable during this conversation as I was questioning him on how he is already successful at the age of 27. I know he is successful as he is already a snowbird, which I haven’t heard of anyone under the age of 50 becoming a snowbird. I typically don’t get to interact on a social level with my coworkers as they leave at 5 while I leave at 6. I can’t interact with them during the two hours I am there as those last two hours are typically the busiest as its when many people find bugs in the system, or actually full on break the system. Also each of the sections are divided clearly, and even though it is with glass, it tends to discourage communication with other groups.

One word that I am starting to hear more is IP addresses in relation to sharing data between computers/laptops. I am beginning to understand that IP addresses are used when sending data in between computers as they are unique. I am learning about the different levels that there are to sending information in conjunction with this word.

November 6th – November 19th (5.32 hours) – One meaningful experience I had recently is learning about the dangers of static electricity. Static electricity can cause a lot of damage to a circuit board which could cause it to work less efficiently. Humans naturally store a lot of static electricity which means that circuit boards are often damaged. To prevent this the person working on a circuit board needs to ground themselves. They also need to work with the board on an anti static mat. If they are putting the board to the side then they need to put it in a protected anti static bag.

I would say that we did a good job of creating a schedule at the beginning of the year. We mostly stuck to the schedule however we did have to add extra days to catch me up and to make up for me being late due to traffic. I think I did well sticking to the schedule because I saw it as valuable time. Every moment I am at my internship I learn something new about what I want to do which causes me to try and not waste that time. I am also starting to try and figure out how many hours I need per a week next semester to get that sorted out. I am hoping to lessen the time I am there as I tend to over schedule myself.

In all honesty I really need to work on my time management skills. I have run into the issue that I find it hard to say no to helping with extra curricular which is causing me to dig my own grave. The main issue is that I took up way to many leadership positions and got way too involved in new clubs, which I am now finding it hard to back out of. Part of this will be fixed by the fact that the mountain biking season is over, in which I hold the position of girls team captain. This was taking a lot of my time as it is an activity I value and I enjoy teaching the middle schoolers how to mountain bike, to some degree I consider them my children. I also plan on making it clear to some of the clubs that I don’t hold a leadership position in, that I am likely to be less involved as I need time for myself, which I haven’t really had in quite a long time.

One word that I noticed being used was vlan, in relation to ip addresses. I had to look up the meaning of this term as I had never heard of it before. A vlan is a group of devices which work together as if connected by a wire.