Welcome to the application process for the Vail Internship Program. Please read all of the directions below carefully. Failure to meet any one of these deadlines will disqualify your application to the program.

Complete the online application first. Then, print the documents below and immediately begin collecting signatures. You will need your teachers’, your parents’, your counselor, and your principal’s signature of approval (most of which will not be easy to get at the last minute).

Online Application – Due Thursday, February 14th by 4pm (Thursday, March 21st by 3pm for Andrada)

Please log into your Vail Student email address before opening the application. If you have issues accessing the application please contact Mrs. Wahl prior to the application deadline.

I highly encourage you to preview the application PDF here so that you can spend time crafting the best answers possible before you begin the actual application.

Teacher Recommendation FormDue Thursday, February 28th (Tuesday, April 2nd for Andrada)

You must submit three teacher recommendation forms by the deadline above. Two recommendations must be from teachers of your current core classes (math, reading, science, and social studies) and one from any other current teacher.

It is your responsibility to print the form, fill in your name and school, and deliver it to the teacher.  Your teacher will complete the form and mail it to me via interoffice mail. Please keep in mind that interoffice mail takes a few days, all teacher recommendations need to be given to teachers by Monday, February 25th (Friday, March 29th for Andrada).

The forms below should all be completed and turned in to the front of your school by Thursday, February 28th (Tuesday, April 2nd for Andrada). Please create a back-up copy of all of these documents (photograph, scan, etc.) before you turn them in.

Internship Program ContractDue Thursday, February 28th (Tuesday, April 2nd for Andrada)

Consent FormDue Thursday, February 28th (Tuesday, April 2nd for Andrada)

Medical Consent FormDue Thursday, February 28th (Tuesday, April 2nd for Andrada)